Eyebrow Trimmers

For Men and Women

Eyebrows trimmers help you take that extra bulk so your brows don’t look bushy, which also keeps them groomed and held in place. For women getting rid of that extra length allows the brow shape to be seen more clearly, and trimming is absolutely needed if you like a very defined look.

Here we profile a couple products including their features, pros and cons. But you don’t necessarily have to spend any money. You can pull out items you already have at home or get them taken care of when getting your haircut.

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Comb and Scissors

how to trim pubic hair
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Step by step we show you how to trim your brows using a comb and scissors. It’s very simple to do, and they’ll look smooth and even as long as you follow the directions.

You’ll need a fine-toothed comb and haircutting scissors (find an affordable pair at your local beauty supply store) or small ones made for the brows (see below).

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Eyebrow/Facial Hair Scissors

Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors
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Petite scissors are less cumbersome than full size ones. A quality pair is sharp enough to do the job and some curve up on the end for extra safety. While it might be mind over matter, using the smaller scissors often makes it feel like there’s more control and less chance of mishaps.

Its pint-size is also helpful for getting into smaller areas trimming a mustache, the nose and ears (Learn more: Ear hair removal). Just clean with an alcohol wipe in between uses.

Tweezerman facial hair scissors shown left

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Remington NE3560

remington nose ear and brow trimmer
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This affordable wet/dry battery operated device can be used to trim where most men often need some help. It has an eyebrow comb attachment and a rotary head for the ears and nose.

Overall it has good ratings. With an affordable price most men (and women) thought it worked great easily cutting hair where other travel sized trimmers fell short. A few complained that it wasn't sharp enough.

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Small Trimmer with Attachments

Wahl All in 1 Grooming Kit
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If you already own a small trimmer with different attachments (like a small body groomer or beard trimmer) then you can pull it out and trim your brows using a guard. Keep the guard against the skin and both will be the exact same length.

Start with the attachment that keeps hair the longest, as you can always go shorter. You really need to be careful with coarse, wiry hair as it will poke straight out if cut too short. A stubble beard is nice- stubble brows are not!

As long as the guard stays on, there won’t be any bald spots. These are worth the money if you're going to use them for grooming various areas.

Wahl All in One Grooming Kit shown left

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Sephora Eyebrow Trimmer/Brush

Sephora Eyebrow Trimmer
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These are eyebrow scissors with a removable comb attachment. Instead of using two hands to work the scissors and comb, you use one. Many found this tool worked great and was easy to use for them. Others said it can be awkward to maneuver (especially with your non-dominant hand) and takes some time to get the hang of it.

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Ask your Stylist or Barber

man getting hair cut
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I used to specialize in cutting men’s hair not too long after getting my Cosmetology license. At no extra cost, I would trim half of my male client’s eyebrows.

If they haven’t asked if you’d like it done, ask them. I’ve never heard of a barber or stylist charging extra for men’s eyebrows, but check just in case. If you get your haircut on an every four to six week basis they’ll stay groomed and it will be one less thing you'll have to worry about or do yourself.

Trimming women's eyebrows complimentary with a haircut is not the norm, but you can always ask. However, with an eyebrow wax it should be included.

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Eyebrow Razors

eyebrow razors
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They’re not made for trimming but actually removing the hair to quickly nix a unibrow or putting a shape in place.