Eyebrow Shaping Tips for Women 40 Plus

Don't Let Your Brow Age You

Getty Imges / Christine Schneider

Eyebrow shaping and grooming often needs to change as the years pile on and we leave our youth behind. What worked for you when you were a teenager, a twenty-something or maybe even into your 30s to shape and groom your brows, may not be doing you justice now when 40 or more.

As women age they tend to not grow as much eyebrow hair or start to lose it, especially on the ends. Are they punishing us for all of the tweezing we did in our youth? I don't know. Not to mention gray hairs and those wiry ones that start to pop up. Eyebrows are extremely important because getting the right shape, arch and color can take years off. Your brows won't age you with a trim here, a tweeze there and a couple swipes of color or brow serum.

Eyebrow Grooming Tips for Women 40 Plus

  • Trim if needed. Somewhat like men, women's eyebrows tend to grow in length as they get older and get those wiry hairs. We usually don't get brow hair as long or wiry as men's, but still more so than what they were before. So trim them first and get that extra bulk out of the way before you even think of doing any tweezing or waxing. That way you can see exactly what shape you have to work with and you'll have less chance of uplifting out any hair that needs to stay. Trimming is easy and makes brows look groomed in mere minutes Before you go chopping away learn how to trim eyebrows in the easy step by step with a comb and scissors.
  • Arch in just the right spot. Putting your arch, or the peak of your brows, in the right place will give you an instant face-lift and make the perfect frame for your eyes. Do it wrong, and it could add years or make yourself look outdated. Hint: An eyebrow arch does not mean two perfect half circles. A great as it may have been, we are no longer in the 70's.
  • Filled full. If you need to fill in some sparse areas, then do so. Having overly thin or disappearing brows that are too light will definitely add age. Whereas brows that are full will make you look more youthful and frame your eyes. Choosing the right tone to fill with is very important or they can look fake. Use a pencil with soft strokes like Billion Dollar Brows Universal Pencil which is a neutral tone, and great for all brow colors. Tip: Powder is more foolproof than pencil, so you might want to try that first.
  • Cover gray. If you you're seeing gray eyebrow hair, don't use color that's made for the hair on your head. Use a gentler version made especially for the brows that can last you for weeks at a time. Alternatively, a brow mascara will do the job deepening and covering gray instantly, even if just for the day.
  • Restore. If your brows are patchy, try an eyebrow growth serum which may help eyebrow hair grow back from over-plucking, thyroid issues or stress. While using makeup is wonderful, there's nothing like having your own hair.

Now let's tell all of these young girls to embrace their full brows and not tweeze and wax them to death. For some other great advice from the Beauty Expert here at About.com, check out Julyne Derrick's Makeup Tips for Older Women.