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Teenage Brow Beauty

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Quavondo Nguyen / IStock Photo

Sometimes teenagers choose a very thin eyebrow shape and take too much hair off, but getting them pencil thin is never good. Here's a young girl who knows how to give her brows a nice shape that doesn't look bushy without over doing it.
Don't count on eyebrow stencils for great results. The Brow Buddy helps you create the right shape for your face.
Note: This guide is specifically for women, if you're looking for eyebrow shaping tips for men where different rules apply check out: How To Groom Men's Eyebrows.

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Soften Sharp Features

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Kateryna Govorushchenko / IStock Photo

This eyebrow shape for your face with rounded arches will help bring more balance if you have angular features. Notice how the rounded lines soften the model's angular jaw line. If the brows were more angular or pointed then it would accentuate the sharper lines of her face shape.

Remember, you only want to take any hair that's outside your shape on top of the brow. So be careful when trying to make rounder lines. But, you can always 'fake it' with eyebrow pencil like Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil. It's formulated to work with all skin and hair tones, so there's no guesswork in picking the right color.

For more products see: Eyebrow Shaping Kits

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Use Your Brows to Lift

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Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

A perfect example of what the eyebrow shape can do for mature women. This arch gives her face an overall "lift", while still having a full shape. But don't start going crazy when tweezing your brows, the higher the arch doesn't mean more years are taken away.
Older women's brows often tend to get gray too. So instead of using regular hair color, choose special eyebrow dye (read step-by-step).
If your brows have become sparse, try an eyebrow revitalizer to help fuel eyebrow hair back. See: 5 Eyebrow Growth Serums

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Girl Next Door

eyebrow shape young women, brow shape, eyebrow shape, eyebrow shaping
Stockphoto4u / IStockPhoto

This eyebrow shape for your face shows you can still have full brows that don't look overgrown or messy. She has fantastically defined brows that also complement her prominent facial features. Small eyebrows with larger features don't mesh well.
Sometimes it's the length of the hair that is making them look unkempt or too bushy for your liking. A simple and easy way is to get rid of the bulk first. Our eyebrow shaping step-by-step helps you create the right shape to balance out your facial features.

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All Made Up

eyebrow shape young women, brow shape, eyebrow shape, eyebrow shaping
Plush Studios / Getty Images

Show off your beautiful eyebrow shape! Women that have lighter, smaller brows tend to get lost when they're all made up. Add some definition and enhance the color to show off their fabulous shape, and frame your eyes like above. E.L.F. Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit (read review) works great and is very affordable.
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Simple Yet Elegant

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Just because your eyebrow shape is straight doesn't mean it has to be boring. You have to work with what you have, as this model probably was born with naturally 'straight' brows. So instead of working against what she has and trying to get a lot of shape, and ending up something way too thin, a simple arch with definition frames her face beautifully.
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Shaping Asian Eyebrows

asian eyebrows
Photo LWA / Getty Images

This woman is gorgeous, and so are her eyebrows. In my opinion they're the perfect thickness. And although she has a strong jawline, it's still soft. So the sharper angles on her brows work well with the rest of her face and emphasizing her beautiful eyes.

With many Asians, especially East Asians, the brows tend to grow down. This oftens happens starting toward the middle of the brow. So you have to be careful when removing the hair after you decide on the shape. (See video: How to Arch Eyebrows).

For one, hair that is growing down can be mistaken for hair that needs to be removed when the bulk may just need to go. Often a mild trimming helps remove the excess bulk. But you have to be extra careful because if it's trimmed too short, the hair can stick out.

With waxing (read how-to) and tweezing the hair needs to be removed in the opposite direction of growth. So you'll have to know which way it's growing to do that correctly. It's best to work slowly.