Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

What makeup looks best?

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If you have blue eyes, here's what you need to know about what makeup colors look best with them. If you have brown eyes, fret not, we have tips for you, too. 

Can You Wear Blue Eyeshadow With Blue Eyes?

Blue eyeshadow looks best with brown eyes, however, you might find that if you wear a blue shirt or scarf it can really make your blue eyes pop. So I've always wondered if blue eyeshadow would work with blue eyes.

Turns out, that's up for debate. Some beauty experts say no way, your blue eyes will get lost in the sea of blue shadows, while others say yes, you can wear blue eyeshadow, just make sure it's a dark blue.

I find blue shadows don't look so great on me. I feel my blue eyes need some distance (a scarf or shirt, for example) to shine. That said, my friend has piercing blue eyes and loves to wear blue shadows. They look great on her. I strongly recommend going to Sephora or buying shadows from a department store and experimenting with your own eyes.

Gold, Coppery Shades are Gorgeous on Blue Eyes

I've tried all sorts of eyeshadow shades and by far the most flattering colors for my blue eyes fall in the coppery brown family. Turns out copper -- which is sort of orange -- falls on the exact opposite of the color wheel from blue which is why the shade will make your blue eyes pop.

Rich browns, coppers, golds and pinks all work well with blue eyes.

Pinks don't really work if you have a pink complexion, but if you have a peachy complexion, pink may stand out on your lids and look great with your blue eyes.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Throw out the cheapie eyeshadow applicator and invest in good shadow brushes for your eyeshadows. You'll want a few of varying sizes so you can apply to your lid, your crease and your browbone effectively.

Then remember to blend, blend, blend the colors in.

The Makeup Artist's Secrets

To make eyes really pop, try the makeup artist's secret: press your finger into the lightest shade in your shadow pallet and then press your finger gently into the inside corner of your eye where your tear ducts are. The light color there will brighten up your whites and bring out your blues.

You can also line the inside rims of eyes (called the water line) with a beige pencil. Don't use white, it's simply too harsh.

Be Careful of the Shimmer

I love a good shimmer, especially a gold shimmer on my lids, however, be careful not to put a shimmery color above the lid up to the browbone -- it's simply too much.

Set Your Shadow

You can set your shadow with an eyeshadow primer, but I find MAC Paint Pots work best. The paints are highly pigmented, go on creamy but dry beautifully and they'll stay until you apply makeup remover to your lids.

Brown Mascara, Please

If you have super dark hair, you can get away with black mascara, but typically blondes with blue eyes look best with brown mascara. You can wear black mascara when you want more drama to your eye, but it can be a bit harsh for daytime.