8 Eye Creams That Actually Work

The skin around the eye is a delicate area, and as such many companies have developed products specifically designed for the eyes. There are high-end products that can cost hundreds of dollars, and there are some low-end brands that keep the prices affordable. But do any of these creams actually work? Can they really prevent aging, help fine lines, brighten the under-eye, and hydrate? We checked with the experts: shoppers!

Below are 8 eye creams that actually work, according to paying customers just like you who took the time to review the products online!

Reviewers who have used this cream agree that it’s got great ingredients, helps prevent aging, is super hydrating, and an overall great quality cream. Many have commented that it successfully reduces fine lines, discoloration, and puffiness. Best of all, this cream is not greasy or heavy and can be used under makeup!

Reviewers rated this cream a product that is so effective it should be considered a must-have. The cream is light and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate the delicate under-eye area and works to de-puff the eyes quickly.

Derma Doctor Wrinkle Revenge
Image provided by Sephora

Many users have raved about this cream’s ability to give instant results by making the under-eye area brighter and plumper. Reviewers commented that it hydrated the under-eye area very well and also helped get rid of under eye circles. Further, it also helps the eyes look much younger. While this balm is a bit pricey, one jar can last up to a year, making it well worth the price. More »

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Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel

Mario Badescu Ceramide
Image provided by Nordstrom

This gel is specifically designed to have a cooling effect which works to de-puff the eyes. It helps the under eye area lock in moisture and also helps to smooth out this delicate surface. Reviewers noted that it was especially helpful for puffiness after a night of little sleep. This product is much more affordable than some of the other eye creams on the list, but it still works really well, especially when stored in the fridge. (buy direct)

This cream makes the list due to its highly positive feedback. Those who have used it said that it’s very hydrating, makes fine lines go away and helps give the under-eye area a nice glow. As the name implies, the cream does contain retinol which helps with skin cell renewal; however, no one reported any irritation resulting from this cream. The product also includes sunscreen—an added bonus.

This cream smooths over the eye area, helping to rid the area of redness and irritations. It also works on dark circles and puffiness, perfect for tired eyes. The cream also has SPF 15 to protect the eye area from sun damage. Reviewers noted that it made their eyes look much younger.

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Revive Intensite Les Yeux

Revive Intensite
Image provided by Nordstrom

Many reviewers of this product were pleasantly surprised to find a cream that actually does what it says it will do! This cream brightens the under-eye area and keeps the skin completely moisturized. Additionally, the formula is very gentle and suitable for those with sensitive skin. Although a bit pricey, reviewers claim it is definitely worth splurging on. (buy direct)

Caudalie Eye and Lip
Image provided by Sephora

The best features of this cream include the all-natural ingredients and ability to reduce puffiness. Many reviewers noted it cleared up any irritation they had in the eye area and that it was very soothing. It was also described as a very moisturizing cream which successfully treated under-eye bags. An added bonus—it doubles as a lip treatment! More »