Cars 2 Exotic Cars

Pixar's Cars 2 (2011) has more than 1000 new characters -- which is far too many for a mere human to keep track of. Luckily for exotic car buffs, this second Cars picture is set in Europe, so there's a handful of characters based on real-life exotic cars, including at least one familiar face.

All photos courtesy of Disney/Pixar.

David Hobbscap

David Hobbscap in Cars 2
David Hobbscap in Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • Not just any old E-Type, but specifically a 1963 Jaguar Coombs Lightweight E-Type, this
  • Voiced by David Hobbs, a former racer and current commentator for SPEED

Finn McMissile

Finn McMissile of Cars 2
Finn McMissile of Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • Based on a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 -- James Bond's first Aston
  • voiced by one of the coolest British actors, Michael Caine (Sean Connery wasn't available?)
  • Bond-worth gadgets include front and rear grappling hooks, in-headlight spy camera and misslemissileher, and a "holographic disguise emitter"

Holley Shiftwell

Holley Shiftwell in Cars 2
Holley Shiftwell in Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • Based loosely on an Jaguar XJR-15 supercar, which looks quite a bit like the XJ220
  • Voiced by British actress Emily Mortimer
  • Her first name is a reference to Holley Performance Products, makers of world-famous carbs

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton in Cars 2
Lewis Hamilton in Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • It's a McLaren MP4-12C -- the first most of us will see
  • It's voiced by, um, Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 driver
  • Hamilton picked the color scheme for his character

Nigel Gearsley

Nigel Gearsley of Cars 2
Nigel Gearsley of Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • Aston Martin DBR9, the race-ready version of the Aston Martin DB9
  • No official word on who does his voice; maybe he doesn't speak, he just wins races

Prince Wheeliam

Prince Wheeliam in Cars 2
Prince Wheeliam in Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • A modern Bentley Continental for a modern prince
  • No voice named yet -- could the U.K.'s Prince William have done a little Pixar side project?

Sally Carrera

Sally Carrera in Cars 2
Sally Carrera in Cars 2. Disney/Pixar
  • She's a Porsche 911 Carrera
  • Though Sally was a big part of Cars, she's also only in the opening of Cars 2.