Exchanging Currency in Canadian Casinos

Casino, Montreal, Quebec
Yves Marcoux Getty Images

If you plan to play in Canadian casinos you must use Canadian money. They do not accept currency from the United States (or any other Country) at the tables or in the slot machines. Therefore it will be necessary for you exchange your currency into Canadian money if you want to play in the casino. You don’t have to worry about exchanging your money before you visit, as the casinos because you can exchange currency in the casino before you play. Here are a few things you should consider before exchanging your currency in the Canadian casinos.

Converting to Canadian Currency

When you convert your currency, be sure t check for different exchange rates within the same building. For example, at the Windsor casino in Ontario, at a kiosk in the middle of the casino floor, there's a sign saying the conversion was 1.25. This means you receive $1.25 in Canadian money for every US dollar. At the casino’s main cage, however, you will be paid at a rate of 1.24.

Converting Back

When you convert your currency back from Canadian to United States dollars the rate of exchange is 1.28. This means you will be paid one US dollar for every $1.28 Canadian. If you're paid 1.24 when you converted to Canadian dollars but have to pay 1.28 to convert back to United States dollars, you will be charged about 3% exchange my money back.

Convert as You Go 

Since it will cost you to convert your money back, only the money as you need it. You can use this to help you manage your money when you gamble in the casino. If you are going to sit down for a gambling session you should decide ahead of time how much you want to risk for the session and only convert that much money. If you run out you will be forced to walk away from the table or machine in order to get more money. I will be a good time to take a break.

Do Not Deposit Money in The Casino Cage

Some players like to deposit money in the casino cage when they visit the casino instead of applying for credit. This lets then keep this money secure but also allows them to write a maker at the table against their own money. If you plan on doing this at a Canadian casino you should check their policy first. you may be charged a conversion rate for the deposit.

Use Your Credit Card for Other Expenses

If you visit the Canadian casinos (or anywhere else in Canada), use your credit card for all other non-gambling expenses. This includes paying for your hotel, food or any other purchases you make in Canada. The credit card companies are able to negotiate the best rate of exchange. This means that if you charge your purchases you will usually find that it is less than the quoted exchange rate. Since you will be charging your purchases there is no need to convert a lot of excess money that you would need to convert back at the end of your stay. You will save the three percent you would have to pay to convert your money back.