Examples of Lesbian Wedding Vows

Two lesbians celebrating their marriage.
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C's Vows to M

My dear M, I begin my vows with a quote by Rumi, one of our favorite poets. . .

You drive me away gently as a flute-song does a dove from the eaves.
With the same song, you call me back.
You push me out on many journeys;
Then you anchor me with no motion at all.

M, I have often said you are my anchor, my rock- supporting me on many journeys and steadying me with your love. On this day, in front of all of our community, I pledge my steadiness to you.

M, I have learned so much from you- your honesty and integrity have taught me to be true to myself and others. Your thoughtfulness and generosity have taught me to give with intention.

Your playfulness in the light of my humor has taught me to expand my definition of ‘silly’ and your willingness to try new things has taught me to expand my definition of adventure.

You have helped me fight my demons and ‘Igor’ has shrunk. I feel stronger in your presence and able to take on life, knowing you are always in my corner. I am so very lucky to have you as my lifetime companion. As you often say, “Who knew??”

It seems like a lifetime ago that I met you and thought to myself,"She’s a keeper." We have certainly gone through many ups and downs since then: from our own rocky start to travels in Mexico & Greece; from loss of a job to finding new purpose to loss yet again; from the birth of your nephew to my mom’s death. Through all of this, you have been my companion, my friend, my playmate, my lover.

M, I need you to know, I do not say these things lightly. After much consideration and soul-searching, I am certain that I am ready to make this kind of commitment!

M, my love, I promise to hold you lightly, but firmly as we venture through life together.

I promise to always defend your right to be you- courageous, honest, full of light.

I promise to care for you when you are sick and celebrate with you in health.

I promise to be your playmate who finds life a juicy treat and to be your lover who makes passion delicious.

I promise to remember that our highest values of community, spirituality, justice, environment, and levity always come before & above material possessions.

I promise to hold my dreams and to encourage you in holding yours as we build new ones together.

I promise to laugh often and pull together during hard times. I promise to work to be my best, most authentic self, every day.

And so, M, today I pledge my love to you. I promise to "push you out on many journeys; then anchor you with no motion at all." I will be your ardent lover, your faithful companion, your steadfast friend, your greatest cheerleader, and above all, hold you gently, but firmly, as the love of my life as long as we both shall live.

M's Vows to C

C, my love, you have changed my life.

You have taught me to love with abandon and to take the risk of vulnerability.

I love you - not only for what you are but also for what I am when I ‘m with you. Not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are helping me make of myself.

You have been my companion on adventures and a confidant for my soul.

You have challenged me to see greatness in myself and have celebrated my successes---great and small.

You have inspired me to be a better, more generous and loving me, and have believed in me when I have not believed in myself.

I love you for the part of me that you bring out, I love you for putting your hand into my heaped-up heart And passing over all the defensive, hurt things that you couldn’t help dimly seeing there, And for drawing out into the light all the beautiful belongings that no one else had looked quite far enough to find.

I want to laugh, cry, plan, adventure and live a zestful life with you.

This commitment is very serious to me. I am so very happy to be standing here today.

I promise to share my life openly with you;
To cherish your uniqueness;
To honor your spirit and to listen intently;
To hold you gently when you are afraid;
And to softly kiss you when you are hurting.

With patience and compassion, I promise to support you through the changes and challenges of our lives together.

I promise to be faithful and honest, and to stand by your side, as we grow old together.

I promise to be an active member of our community and to build a home that is open to all (as long as it is clean!)

I vow to do my part to protect the earth and challenge my own beliefs about the path I walk on this planet.

I promise to dance in the moonlight, skinny dip in the lake and soar high above the clouds with you.

I delight in who you are becoming and promise to encourage the fulfillment of your dreams.

Together, we will broaden our horizons and expand our own boundaries. Together, we will explore the limitless wonders of the world and revel in its beauty.

Companion, lover, friend, playmate --- I promise to be the very best me that I can…. For you, for us and for all time.

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