Eva Longoria and Tony Parker File For Divorce

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According to Wikipedia, sexting is "The act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones." And that is the reason why Eva Longoria says she has filed for divorce from her (now former) beau Tony Parker.

Reportedly Eva found hundreds of sext messages on Tony’s smart—err, apparently smarter than Tony—phone from an old teammate’s wife. That teammate, Brent Berry has also filed for divorce from his wife, Erin Berry. This is one heck of a twisted and tangled love web. No doubt a great deal of suffering and destruction occurred for all parties simply because two people prioritized sending sexts to one another before honoring the commitment they made to their respective spouses.

Three Things You Need to Know About Eva and Tony’s Divorce:

  1. It took less than three years for the bloom to fall off that rose. Eva and Tony married in 2007 in a fairytale wedding in the French country side surrounded by fireworks. But as we all know too well, a fairytale wedding certainly doesn't mean a fairytale marriage. As so many seem to do these days, Eva and Tony put a lot of thought into celebrating their impending marriage and perhaps not quite enough into how they would behave once married. What ever happened to the days of "the seven-year itch?"
  2. Tony defends his sexting behavior by saying he sexting doesn't count as cheating. In his mind, if he didn’t have sex he is not guilty of cheating, which could be interpreted as just another sign of today’s more flippant attitudes toward marriage, commitment, and infidelity. Yvonne Thomas, an L.A.-based psychologist says, "When you’re going outside the boundaries of what you’re supposed to share, emotionally and physically, only with your partner, cheating is cheating is cheating." It would seem though that some have a skewed idea of the boundaries in marriage.
  3. Eva and Tony have not found themselves in an unusual situation. Marriage and commitment are becoming less and less relevant in today’s society. We have become a society of people who feel it is more important to "be happy." Our happiness comes before the commitment we make to a relationship with another. Tony proves this by putting his desire to engage in sexual talk with someone other than his wife. His desire for outside sexual stimulation was more important to him than the pain it would cause the wife he had vowed to be faithful to.

In my parents' generation the focus was on making the marriage work regardless. Today the focus is on pursuing one’s personal goals and happiness instead of setting goals as a couple and making the health of the relationship the main focus. A friend of mine is of the opinion that, "life partners" no longer need to be partners for life. I ask her "why the commitment should be made in the first place?"

In the case of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, only he can answer that question. And I’m sure, like most that step outside the boundaries of their marriage, Tony has come up with an excuse that he feels justifies his behavior.

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