11 Handmade Soap Companies to Check Out on Etsy

There's nothing we like more than a nice bar of handmade soap from Etsy. There's just something about knowing someone took the time to create, pack and ship it, all while knowing your happiness will reflect in their shop's profile.

If you're looking to be impressed, look no further than the 11 Etsy Super Stars we've dug up for you. Each shop has a high level of positive feedback from at least 1,200 shoppers.

Check out our Etsy favorites and see the world of soap outside the well-known brands.

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Dennis Anderson Soap Company

Cafe Mocha Soap Bar - Dennis Anderson Soap Company
Dennis Anderson Soap Company

If you're looking for quite possibly Etsy's most popular soap company, look no further than Dennis Anderson Soap Company. With over 14,500 orders, all with 100% positive feedback, you know you'll be impressed.

Dennis isn't just a part-time crafter either. With his success on Etsy, he was able to tackle it full time. In fact, his shop just celebrated their 2nd Etsy anniversary.

Make sure to check out Dennis' Beer Soap, as well as his Cafe Mocha Soap Bar.

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Gudonya Too

Gudonya Two: Baby Legs Shaving Soap Sticks
Gudonya Two

Gudonya Two is an indie soap company based in Indiana. Gudonya Two tells us in their profile that they use only top-shelf oils, fragrance and processes in their soaps and other skin care products, always working in small batches.

While we love all of their yummy looking soaps and scrubs, we couldn't help but feature their Baby Legs Shaving Soap Sticks.

You get a group of three mini soaps made especially for lathering up for a shave. The soap contains palm, safflower, coconut and castor oil mixed with clay and glycerin to allow a close, smooth shave.

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You Stink Soap

You Stink Soap: Vanilla Pear Body Polish
ou Stink Soap

Looking for quality Vegan soap with over 5,000 positive reviews? Look no further than You Stink Soap. (Of course, we loved their cheeky company name.)

You Stink Soap's profile reads, "All my soaps are vegan (no animal products) detergent and cruelty-free. Made in small, cold processed batches the bars retain their natural glycerin and are super-fatted with shea butter."

Our mouths watered at the Vanilla Pear Body Polish, which is described as: A rich, creamy and luscious blend of tender Bartlett pears and sweet vanilla bean extract sprinkled and baked with a hint of nutmeg.

Need we say more?

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Dress Green

Dress Green: Cocoa Better
Dress Green

Based out of Washington, Dress Green has impressed over 3,700 people who all left positive feedback about their products and experiences.

Dress Green is a skincare line that uses natural ingredients, handmade fresh for you never using a pre-made base. Each order is packaged in a recyclable container, many of which you'll definitely find a use for around your house. (And their packaging designs are adorable!)

While it was hard to pick only one product to feature, the sweet tooth in us chose Cocoa Better, a moisturizing body scrub. Ingredients include: sugar, shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, cocoa powder, cornstarch, vitamin E. Yum!

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Mad City Sue

Mad City Sue: Satsuma Bar Soap
Mad City Sue

Mad City Sue Soap Company is based out of Wisconsin and has over 3,500 positive ratings on Etsy. There are more than 100 scent combinations to pick from, so you can be sure you'll find something that makes your mouth water. (But good luck finding only one!)

These soap creations are made to order after purchase and shipped to you right away. Can you imagine buying a product in the store that is that fresh? Our favorite scents are Blackberry Fizz and Chai Tea, but because citrus always makes us happy, we pictured their Satsuma Cold Pressed Soap.

We dare you to sort through the list of custom scents listed in Mad City Sue's profile and not find one you just must have.

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LoveLee Soaps

LoveLee Soaps: Fruity Lifesaver Soap
LoveLee Soaps

Looking for unusual soap items for yourself or a gift. Make your first stop LoveLee Soaps on Etsy. They have more than 2800 positive reviews and have even been featured on Martha Stewart with their ever-unique Sock Monkey Soapsicles.

When it comes to soap, they make the most realistic food-shaped soaps we've ever seen. They have french fries, peanuts, pickles and hot dogs - onion rings, cupcakes, pretzels, and pizza. But they have more than just food. Trust me, a gift from LoveLee Soaps will always take the award for "best gift."

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Sun Basil Garden

Sun Basil Gardens: Lilac Poppy Flower Soap
Sun Basil Gardens

We remember the very first time we saw Sun Basil Garden's Lilac Poppy Flower Soap and thought it was just too beautiful to use. 

If you're looking for a sweet spring gift or a set of dinosaur shaped soaps for the little boy in your life, Sun Basil Garden has you covered. Or, pick up a bacon and egg set for a perfect gag gift.

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Joyful Girl Naturals

Joyful Girl Naturals: Purifying Bath Salts
Joyful Girl Naturals

Joyful Girl Naturals has a wide array of products that range from skin care to hair care, pet care and even natural cleaning products. And we love the range that she offers, including migraine relief balm, natural bug spray, and even all-natural sunscreen.

Check out Joyful Girl Naturals if you're looking for an all-natural line to "green" up your life a little bit. You'll find just about all you need, and if you don't see it, just ask!

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Angel Face Botanicals

Angel Face Botanicals: Honey Jasmine Crème Perfume
Angel Face Botanicals

Angel Face Botanicals is quickly becoming an Etsy favorite for many.  This is a nature-inspired line of products, made with lots of positive energy and love.

When describing where inspiration hits, Jessica Ress, owner of Angel Face Botanicals says, "Nature provides an amazing world full of divinely decadent & infinitely effective ingredients with which to create exquisite spa products."

Check out their Honey Jasmine Crème Perfume, which you apply to your pulse points for an intimate personal scent, not one that screams perfume. 

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Soapalaya Soaps

Soapalaya Soaps: Kitchen Soaps

With a huge assortment of products, you'll have a hard time not filling up your shopping cart with Soapalaya Soaps.

From Soapalaya's profile, "...as I stood stirring my first big bucket of soap, being the Louisiana girl I am, I thought to myself that adding all of these "just right" ingredients and stirring that pot was a lot like making jambalaya -- I was making soapalaya!"

One product we instantly fell in love with was the Kitchen Soap. If you're looking for a soap to take away the lingering odors on your skin from cooking, such as onions and garlic, look no further. This little Cuban coffee bean bar soap does the job easily.

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Sea Sprite Soaps

Sea Sprite Soaps: Soap Sampler
Sea Sprite Soaps

Sea Sprite Soaps offer "cold process soaps handmade from food-grade vegetable oils and butters."

While you can find a variety of products on Sea Sprite Soap's website, we feel their cold-processed soaps are stellar. We especially love their Soap Samplers which allow you to sample 16 different soap fragrances for only $9. Each soap is said to be able to be used about 12 times, so we think it's a bargain, for sure.

Once you find your happy scent, buy your favorite large bar for $5.00