Essential Web Resources for Entrepreneurs

Whether you're just contemplating starting a business or have been in the trenches for a while, the sheer amount of web material available to help you start and grow a business can seem completely overwhelming. So, to save you the time and headache of sorting through all of it, here are the entrepreneur websites consistently ranked best by the entrepreneurs we know, including great resources on: 

  • passive income
  • startups and technology
  • starting a small business
  • marketing
  • podcasting
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Best Web Resources on Passive Income

Sean McCabe
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"Passive income" is the dream of most, if not all, entrepreneurs. After all, who wouldn't want to make money while you sleep!

Many passive income businesses focus on information products, podcasts, and ebooks, so if you have a topic you are passionate about, you're in luck. 

Most successful passive income guru s are happy to share exactly how they created a profitable online business. Here are some of our favorites: 

Here on the Entrepreneurs site, we have plenty of ideas on how to get started making money online. Start here: 

Bonus Resource: Worksheet for Getting Started

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Best Web Resources on Startups

Even if you don't work in technology or startups, it pays to stay abreast of the trends. Here are the web publications that will help you stay "in the know": 

TechCrunch: Your go-to source on who's raising money and what companies look most promising. 

ReCode: Founded by Walter S. Mossberg and Kara Swisher of All Things D, Recode covers the convergence of tech and business. 

The Verge: Good coverage of consumer technology and the startups that power it. 

Pando Daily: Sarah Lacy's publication on the startup beat covers new businesses, fundraising and more. 

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Best Web Resources on Small Business Planning

Lots of web resources exist on starting a small business (including this one!). Here are some you'll want to check out: 

Small Business Administration: One of the best places to get started planning your business.

Inc: A publication that offers loads of articles and videos on starting your own business. 

Fast Company: covers everything from small to medium businesses to startups and more. 

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Best Web Resources on Marketing and Social Media

After you've absorbed all of the information in the Entrepreneur's Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing, these fantastic marketing blogs will make a lot more sense: 

Duct Tape Marketing: Simple, effective and affordable small business marketing. 

Marketing Profs: Content marketing is a particular specialty here. 

KISSMetrics: Marketing and social analytics can seem a bit daunting but this blog makes them simple. 

Hubspot Marketing: Great and practical small business advice. 

Seth Godin: Seth is an inspiring marketing guru famous for his pithy posts. 

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Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

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Thanks to extremely popular shows like Serial, podcasting is all the rage. But did you know there are plenty of terrific podcasts for entrepreneurs that can fill you in on topics like financing, work-life balance, generating great ideas and starting up successfully? These are some of the very best: 

Maybe you've always wanted to start your own podcast. It might be a lot easier than you think. Check out this article on the nuts and bolts of why this is podcasting's big moment.