Eric Cartman

Profile from 'South Park'

South Park Picture - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime
South Park Picture - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime. Comedy Central

Eric Cartman is the "fat kid" on South Park. The other kids from South Park Elementary constantly make fun of him because of his weight, and because he's quick with insults. At times he displays a genius mastermind, and other times he's just stupid.

He lives with his hermaphrodite mother who tries to make him feel better by feeding him "chocolate chicken pot pies" and "Cheesy Poofs". Throughout the year he searched to find out who his father was, only to realize that his mother was his father and his mother is unknown.

Eric Cartman owns a cat called Kitty and a pig named Fluffy.

When Officer Barbrady is fired for his illiteracy, he becomes Deputy Cartman, and he begins to enforce the law in South Park.

Eric Cartman's catch phrases include

  • "Screw you guys. I'm going home."
  • "I want Cheesy Poofs!"
  • "Sweet!"

and various expletives.

Favorite Classic Episodes

Following are my favorite episodes featuring Cartman. Click the link to watch a clip from that episode.

"Weight Gain 4000"
A celebrity talk show host is coming to town to give Cartman an award. Cartman tries to lose weight by using a protein powder, but winds up packing on pounds. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison has a plan to murder the talk show host. (Season 1)

"Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000"
Cartman is sent to jail for something that's labeled a "hate crime." While he's in juvie, he adapts to life on the inside and his friends plot to get him out. (Season 4)

"Trapper Keeper"
In a Terminator and  Space Odyssey 2000 parody, a Trapper Keeper takes on a life of its own, nearly destroying South Park. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison demands a recount for the kindergarten president election. (Season 4)

Cartman uses $1 million that he inherited to open his own amusement park, where he rules with an iron fist. He only lets in the people he likes. (Season 5)

"Fat Butt and Pancake Head"
Celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck visit South Park. But Eric is able to fool music executives (and poor Ben) into believing his hand puppet is the real Jennifer Lopez.