How to Accurately Enter PSP Cheat Codes

Master the PSP controls to become a better cheater

Sony PSP controller layout for entering PSP cheat codes


When looking up cheat codes for PSP games online, you'll come across abbreviations for the various controller buttons. Familiarize yourself with the PSP interface to decipher cheats for games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Information in this article applies to all models of the PlayStation Portable game system.

How to Enter Cheats With the PSP Controller

Sony's first portable system features a control scheme that is similar to the original PlayStation console with a few differences. Most notably, there's only one set of shoulder buttons, and there's an analog stick in addition to a directional pad. Here's a full anatomy of the PSP controls and how they are typically used in cheat codes:

  • L1 and R1: These buttons are sometimes called triggers, bumpers, or shoulder buttons. When you see a code with R, R1, L, or L1, it refers to these buttons.
  • D-Pad: Any code that includes directions (like Up, Down, Left, Right) is always entered using the D-Pad unless otherwise noted.
  • Analog Stick: Some codes require directional inputs to be entered using the analog stick; however, this is rare, and it will be clearly noted in the cheat guide.
  • Start and Select: Some codes require you to press Start to pause the game prior to entering the cheat.
  • X, O, Square, and Triangle: These are the main action buttons, and they generally make up the bulk of cheat codes. The O button is alternatively called Circle.