USMC Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors

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The engineer, construction, facilities, and equipment OccFld comprises Marines whose duties include metalworking and welding; repair, maintenance, and operation of engineer heavy equipment. such as cranes and bulldozers; construction and repair of military structures and facilities; clearing and emplacing obstacles such as minefields; construction of standard and nonstandard bridging; and emplacing and detonating explosives for construction and demolition projects. Also, some Marines in the field work with the storage and distribution of bulk fuel products. Marines entering the field receive MOS 1300, Basic Engineer, Construction, and Equipment Marine. The basic Marine may be assigned a variety of MOSS and may be sent to a variety of formal schools. The MOSS that initially are available are metal worker, engineer equipment mechanic, engineer equipment operator, combat engineer, engineer assistant, and bulk fuel specialist. The opportunity to participate in a formal apprenticeship program leading to receipt of a Department of Labor Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion may be available in some MOSS within OccFld 1300; refer to MCO 1550.22 for specific information concerning this program. There are a variety of challenging and interesting billets available in OccFld 13, ranging from inspector-instructor duty to duty within the Marine divisions, force service support groups, and Marine aircraft wings.

Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties in Field 13

1316 - Metal Worker

1341 - Engineer Equipment Mechanic

1342 - Small Craft Mechanic

1343 - Assault Breacher Vehicle/Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) Mechanic

1345 - Engineer Equipment Operator

1349 - Engineer Equipment Chief

1361 - Engineer Assistant

1371 - Combat Engineer

1372 - Assault Breacher Vehicle