Encounter with Death Entity or Grim Reaper

Dales believes that he and his brother saw the Grim Reaper while his mother was visited by a Death entity

I know this may sound unbelievable but I had to let myself cope with things for a while in my mind before I would even decide to write it.

My mother passed away February 5, 2013 and this is the story of what happened. My mother was always sick for the last ten years, in and out of the hospital. She was suffering from kidney issues, which led her to having issues like congestive heart failure. One time when my brother and I were with her, she had a bad bout of it and she swelled up. She went straight from our house to Marquette General Hospital, and on the way there she died three times.

After she passed on for those three times she never had a near-death experience. That kind of freaked me out, though I always figured near-death experience means that you are gone, clinically gone. That means no brain waves whatsoever.

Years had passed, and the house that that we lived in has always been haunted. There had been numerous problems. Around 2002, when I was home visiting, my brother and I were watching TV late at night. Down in our basement, a snap lid box moved from one end of the basement to the other. We saw shadows and everything.

Then suddenly for a few years it stopped. Mom's health got a bit better, although she was on dialysis and oxygen, but she was feeling better.

Then 2013 came and everything started to change. At night when she was in bed, mom would see a person walk from the highway in a red glow until it got to her bedroom. It would come through the wall and approach her side of the bed. It had a long black hat that came down to a point and glowing red eyes.

On February 2, my mom went to the hospital with a high heart rate and low blood pressure -- telltale signs of heart failure. She came back on two days later and was alright all that evening, had hear favorite dinner, and watched her programs. My brother and I came and spent the night once more.

Then around 3:47 in the morning, she hollered because she saw that entity again. My brother and I went in, but nothing was there.

The following morning, my brother picked them up for dialysis, but by the time they made it 300 feet from the house, my mother had passed way in the vehicle. They got her to Marquette Hospital once more, where the neurologist had said she had no brain function... and she was gone.

Now I think of the creature my brother and I saw at a local cemetery while driving by it one night. It was large and had tattered cloth on it. It was standing atop a freshly done grave. Though I know what my brother and I had seen for that split second was the Grim Reaper, I can't figure out what my mother had been seeing all those nights.

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