Emma Jones


Emma Jones has been an entertainment and style writer for the past six years.


As an obsessive celebrity writer, Emma has written extensively for lifestyle and entertainment outlets, including MTV.com, Total Beauty Media, The Fashion Spot and MSN Entertainment. Not only can she tell you about the latest red carpet looks (and how to get them for a fraction of the price), but she'll also dish on what happened at the after-party.

You can connect with Emma and check out more of her work through her website.


Emma holds a Law degree from Cardiff University, which she doesn't use much to her mother's ire.

A Message from Emma Jones

While Celebrity Style occupies itself with the clothing choices of Hollywood stars, it comes to stand that fashion shouldn't be limited to the elite quadrants of our society. Their closets may be housed in mansions and their budgets may cover couture -- which is only true to an extent given the amount of freebies celebrities are gifted -- but while money can buy all the fashion in the world, it can't buy you a thread of style.

It stands to reason that nobody should have to pay A-lister prices to feel like a million bucks and, on that note, I'll leave you with the immortal words of Vivienne Westwood: “Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!”

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