Eminem's Albums: Ranked from Worst to Best

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Ranking Eminem Albums: From Worst to Best

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Eminem is one of the all-time greats in rap. No debate about that. What remains a hot topic among Slim Shady fans is his body of work. What's Eminem's best album? What's his worst? One thing we can all agree on is that Slim's catalog is full of critically acclaimed albums, as well as a few duds.

Here are all Eminem albums, ranked from worst to best. 

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8. Encore (2004)

Eminem - Encore. © Aftermath/Interscope Records

On one hand, Encore generated applause for its political candidness. On the other, Eminem drew criticism for imbuing that album with his increasingly cartoonish lyrics on the other. Even though it spawned gems like the plodding political punch, "Mosh," and the introspective "Yellow Brick Road," it was still considered a disappointment by Eminem's standards.
Top Tracks: "Mosh," "Yellow Brick Road"

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7. Relapse

 Eminem finally lifted his 5-year moratorium on solo albums with the release of RelapseEminem's narratives are too familiar, but his method of delivering them has evolved. There are fake accents, unique rhyme sequences and vocal cadences here ("Soon as the flow starts, I compose art like the ghost of Mozart").
Top Tracks: "Deja Vu," "Medicine Ball"

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6. Recovery (2010)

Eminem - Recovery
Eminem - Recovery. © Interscope

Recovery is unlike any of Eminem's previous studio albums. Lacking the skits, traditional guests, and goofball lead singles that characterized The Slim Shady LP through RelapseRecovery is Eminem coming to terms with his own legacy, shedding the tired formulas that marked his previous albums and attempting to reassert his place in the pantheon of the hip-hop elite.
Top Tracks: "Not Afraid," "No Love"

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5. The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Marshall Mathers LP 2 Cover
© Shady Records/Interscope

 In November 2013, Eminem released a sequel to the widely cherished Marshall Mathers LP. In the buildup to MMLP2's release, Eminem stressed that MMLP2 wasn't going to be a follow-up to The Marshall Mathers LP. "There won't be continuation of songs or anything like that," he told Rolling Stone. MMLP2, it turns out retained most of the familiar themes from Em's earlier masterpiece. 

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4. Infinite

Eminem - Infinite
Eminem - Infinite.

Before the Dr. Dre hits and the Grammy awards, Eminem was just another raw talent with a pipe dream. Infinite captured the Detroit rapper in his essence: hungry, focused, raw. Infinite surely gave Em a launching pad to show and prove. 
Top Tracks: "Infinite," "313," "Never Far"

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3. The Slim Shady LP

Eminem - The Slim Shady LP
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP. © Aftermath/Interscope

A white MC from Detroit? Unflinching paeans to drugs and violence? The task before Eminem seemed illogical at first, but he turned trials into trophies within one year of arriving on the mainstream scene. Complaints about his "evil" music failed to stifle the album's success, as The Slim Shady LP went on to sell over 5 million copies. We have this manic slice of dysfunction to thank for most of Eminem's best songs.
Top Tracks: "Role Model," "Guilty Conscience"

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2. The Eminem Show (2002)

By the time The Eminem Show arrived, Em was now splitting time between the recording booth and the boards. Despite this newfound penchant for beatmaking, this album showed very little dropoff in the lyrics department. Em continued his tradition of throwing darts at detractors, this time taking on Canibus on "Square Dance" and Jermaine Dupri on "Say What You Say."
Top Tracks: "White America," "Till I Collapse"

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1. The Marshall Mathers LP

A year after he made a big splash in the industry, Eminem returned with yet another masterpiece in The Marshall Mathers LP. Em's sophomore effort helped cement his status as one of the most exciting artists of the new millennium.
Top Tracks: "The Way I Am," "Stan"