Elvis Presley's Possible Identities Post 1977

If Elvis Is Alive, Who Is He?

Since the death of Elvis Presley in 1977, there have been numerous sightings and rumors suggesting that the King of Rock and Roll could still be alive. If he's alive, though, where has he been all of these years? More importantly, who has he been? Is Elvis Presley alive as Jon Cotner? Below are some of the people who have been suspected of being Elvis at some point or another since 1977. Read their stories and decide for yourself if Elvis is still alive.

Updated September 2017

Jesse Presley

Elvis Presley performs in concert at the Milwaukee Arena on April 27, l977 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Ronald C. Modra/ Sports Imagery/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

In 2001 a psychiatrist named Dr. Donald Hinton wrote a book as told to him (he claims) by Elvis Presley, himself. According to the book, Elvis has been using the name, Jesse (the name of Presley's stillborn twin) since his supposed death in 1977.

Dr. Hinton further asserted that he serves as Elvis' personal physician and that he travels "somewhere in the south" to visit the legendary rock star. One of the most notorious of his claims, however, is that Elvis would make a public return in 2002. This, of course, did not happen. Nevertheless, there is some interesting evidence in the book and it's a quick read for Elvis fans.

Although Dr. Hinton's claims were never proven, many people believe that Elvis is still alive and is living as Jesse.

Jon Cotner

Jon Cotner is a singer and songwriter whose voice is eerily reminiscent of Elvis'. He has a devoted online fan base, many of whom believe he actually is Elvis. Interestingly enough, Cotner has publicly denied this, albeit somewhat coyly, by saying that he isn't Elvis but that even if he were, he wouldn't admit to it.

While his voice is a clear ringer for Elvis', some people believe Cotner also looks like Elvis. One YouTube video morphs a photo of Cotner into a photo of Presley. While there may not be a huge resemblance, 30-plus years can certainly make a difference in a man's appearance. With that in mind, it is also worth pointing out that Cotner was reportedly born in 1945--10 years after Elvis' birth.

Is Jon Cotner really Elvis? Whether you believe Jon Cotner could be Elvis Presley or not, you may find that you enjoy his music. For Elvis fans, it's definitely worth a listen.


Orion appeared on the music scene in 1979. This mysterious singer resembled Elvis Presley, sounded like him, and even dressed a lot like him. What was even more peculiar, though, was the fact that whenever Orion performed, he wore a mask which helped to obscure his identity. For these reasons, many people believed that Orion was actually Elvis making a comeback.

Just a few years after his initial appearance, though, a man named Jimmy Ellis confessed to being Orion. Ellis was a singer who just happened to naturally sound like Elvis and Sun Records producers decided to capitalize on that. While they never asserted that Orion was Elvis, they provided just enough mystery to make some folks wonder.

Even after Ellis "came out" as Orion, some Elvis fans still believed that Orion was actually Elvis, himself. Ellis was murdered during a robbery in 1998.