Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia and Collectibles

Elvis Cookie Jar. Happy Memories

Elvis Presley, Have You Seen Him Lately?

If not, you've just not looking! Elvis can be seen anywhere and everywhere. If anyone didn't die -- it was him. His popularity has never decreased and, thanks to Priscilla, his image is more alive today than ever. Elvis is one of just a handful of people that are only need their first name to be instantly identifiable. Say the name Elvis and it won't matter where in the world you are or in what age group of people, everyone will know who you are talking about.

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If you count yourself as an Elvis fan, this fun quiz is probably too easy for you. But give it a try anyway. No prizes or recognition, just your own personal satisfaction that you can do it! Answer each question, keeping track of the monies you lose or accumulate.
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The Dick Clark Auction

It was a Rock and Roll lovers dream of an auction, as a portion of Dick Clark's personal collection was auctioned off by Guernsey's in their December 2006 auction. Check out a few of the many Elvis Presley items that were sold.

Auction Pictures and Prices

Pictures and prices of assorted Elvis memorabilia from some of the big auction houses.
Pictures and Prices

Miscellaneous Text Price List

When these prices were gathered, there were over 10,000 Elvis items being offered for sale!
August 2002 Prices

Elvis on Velvet

Elvis has certainly inspired his share of tacky collectibles, including the must-have, Elvis Presley velvet painting. I couldn't resist when coming across one at a thrift shop and I believe it's the perfect definition of "Kitsch".
Elvis on Velvet

Elvis Presley Cookie Jars

Numerous Elvis jars have been produced, here are a few to check out, including the wonderful Happy Memories one shown on this page.
Elvis Cookie Jars

Over One Billion Records Sold

Presley sold over one billion records and 150 albums and singles, check out a few prices for 45 RPMS.
Records and Prices


Numerous companies have created Elvis figures, including numerous Mattel editions, The Ashton-Drake Galleries, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, McFarlane and Royal Doulton.

  • McFarlane Elvis Presley Figures
  • <a href=">&#10;Royal Doulton's Elvis Presley</a></li></ul><br></p><p><b>Celebrating Elvis Aaron Presley:</b></p><p>Born: January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi<br>&#10;Died: August 16, 1977 at Graceland<p>&#10;From Elvis' start with Sun Records in 1954 and the Louisiana Hayride&#10;to sell-out concerts in Las Vegas in the 1970s, Elvis has always had loyal and enthusiastic fans and, as fans, we all want something to help connect us with our favorite stars. That's when we start collecting anything at all related to them. Records, posters, concert tickets, etc. all become valuable, but since those aren't enough to quench our thirst, licensed items start being produced. <p>&#10;After he became famous, Elvis " items"="" were="" produced="" and="" continued="" throughout="" his="" career="" are="" even="" more="" prolifically="" now.="" of="" course="" any="" collector="" would="" love="" to="" have="" a="" collection="" that="" was="" all="" vintage="" items,="" but="" since="" they="" scarce="" hard-to-find,="" they've="" become="" unaffordable="" for="" the="" most="" rabid="" affluent="" fans.="" luckily="" in="" recent="" years="" numerous="" companies="" bounty="" elvis="" collectibles="" helping="" satisfy="" collectors="" looking="" affordable="" price="" ranges.="" these="" newly="" made="" very="" popular="" and,="" though="" it's="" been="" many="" death,="" items="" licensed="" crop="" up="" every="" year.="" just="" quick="" visit="" official="" presley="" site="" will="" give="" you="" an="" idea="" range="" being="" offered.="" it="" be="" virtually="" impossible="" list="" everything="" is="" collectible,="" here="" few="" highlights="" some="" great="" stuff="" little="" bit="" off="" beaten="" path.the="" true="" aficionado="" likely="" knew="" about="" furniture="" by="" vaughn-bassett.="" no="" red="" velvet...="" lots="" subtle="" touches="" on="" line.
    The Vandor Company has produced one of the larger selections of Elvis collectibles, including table top items, cookie jars, and numerous other decorative pieces.
    Want an Elvis Christmas tree? For the past few years Carlton Cards has issued the best Elvis Presley figural ornaments around and they're musical! Issue prices are around $35. The local stores usually sell out of these fairly early in the season and I've spotted the first one from 1995 selling for around $95. Other companies producing holiday pieces include Hallmark, American Greetings, Kurt Adler and Department 56.
    Also think Elvis coffee, wine, jewelry, scrapbooking, house keys, lots of clothing, mugs, bears and even a Jailhouse Rock bicycle. In other words, if you want it -- it's probably been made with an Elvis logo!