Elena Vosnaki


Elena Vosnaki is a fragrance writer and industry consultant who established herself as one of the foremost bloggers in the field with the Perfume Shrine. 


Growing up amongst elegant women who shaped her love for scents ever since childhood, Elena has learned the principles and history of perfumery both formally and informally, honing her skills by building a vast collection of perfumes and perfumery raw materials, and gathering experience during her worldwide travels.

She has been writing and consulting for international publications, popular webzines such as Fragrantica and Osmoz, as well as for fragrance companies since 2005. She has also curated the Perfume History section for the exhibition Garden of Wonders: Journey through Scents in Milan, Italy.


Fluent in English, French, and Greek and musically trained, Elena Vosnaki is a graduate of the University of Athens, with degrees in History, History of Arts and Archaeology, as well as a degree from the University of Cambridge. She has attended perfumery seminars and conversed about the tricks of the trade with some of the world's most prestigious "noses." 

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