Elektra vs. Bullseye: Who Wins?

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Elektra vs. Bullseye: Who Wins?

Elektra vs. Bullseye by Frank Miller
Elektra vs. Bullseye by Frank Miller. Marvel Comics

Back in Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's Daredevil #181, Elektra Natchios and Bullseye met for the very first time. While Bullseye was locked up, Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, hired Elektra as his new assassin. So when Daredevil's accurate villain escaped from prison, he wanted to eliminate his competition.

In their first fight, Elektra was unaware of Bullseye's uncanny accuracy with throwing weapons, and not having that knowledge cost her her life. Very, very few characters stay dead in comics, though. Elektra would return from the grave and her rivalry would continue with the bloodthirsty fiend. They've faced multiple times, and each time there's something preventing it from being a truly "fair" fight; there's always a story getting in the way. Maybe one of them isn't at 100% or maybe one of them has received an unfair advantage. Either way, they continue to clash and people continue to debate about who would win if these two had a rematch that didn't include any outside factors. Well, it's time to remove those factors and compare these characters' abilities.

This is speculating about the two getting into a fight while they're in a generic and unpopulated city setting. Elektra is only equipped with two sai and some throwing weapons; Bullseye has a variety of bladed weapons and smaller throwing weapons. It's worth noting they're both in character as well. Obviously, either one of these characters has the potential to defeat the other one, but who do I think is more likely to win? Let's get to it!

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Combat skill

Elektra vs. Bullseye by Michael Del Mundo and Marco D'Alfonso
Elektra vs. Bullseye by Michael Del Mundo and Marco D'Alfonso. Marvel Comics

Elektra and Bullseye are ridiculously talented combatants. I'd argue neither is quite as good as Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, but they certainly aren't far behind, either. I believe Elektra has the edge over Bullseye when it comes to pure hand-to-hand combat and technique. She's displayed more knowledge and finesse in her appearances. She's not going to wipe out Bullseye with ease (he's had some downright vicious brawls with Daredevil), but if the two were in a fight that consisted only of hand-to-hand combat, I'd definitely side with Elektra eventually taking the advantage. But overall combat skill also includes use of their weaponry!

With a sai in her hand, Elektra is a force to be reckoned with. She's temporarily incapacitated Wolverine, and the X-Man even thought of her as "the world's greatest ninja." Weaponry is where things get a little more balanced for Bullseye, though. Thanks to his phenomenal aim and a willingness to fight very, very dirty, Bullseye is capable of turning the tide of a fight with one critical throw. Elektra has the reflexes to block head-on attacks - which is something Bullseye knows - but Bullseye's tactics go beyond just throwing pointy things directly at his target. He'll throw multiple objects at once, anticipating how his foe will move and how the final one can catch them off-guard. Or he can pull off jaw-dropping ricochet shots. One time he even had Elektra deflect an attack and that sent the projectile right at the person he really wanted to kill. The dude's an evil genius when he has a blade - or any other object - in his hand.

Despite Bullseye's impressive talent with throwing weapons, Elektra's slightly superior skill should still give her the edge in this category, especially since she now knows what Bullseye is capable of and she has the reflexes and agility to act accordingly.

Winner: Elektra

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Elektra vs. Bullseye by Clay Mann, Mark Pennington, and Matt Hollingsworth
Elektra vs. Bullseye by Clay Mann, Mark Pennington, and Matt Hollingsworth. Marvel Comics

This is the category that really hurts Bullseye. Every other one is a fairly close call, but it's pretty much guaranteed that the villain's arrogance will play a role in the fight. Bullseye temporarily had a psychological edge over Elektra (he did kill her, after all), but that edge is long gone; she no longer fears him. Bullseye, however, still has a tight grip on their feud. For him, a fight with Elektra is personal and he wants to make her suffer. For Elektra, she has a no-nonsense approach and simply wants to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Bullseye's a talker and he wants to enjoy the fight. That means that even if the battle does begin to go his way, there's a good chance he's not going to immediately go for the kill. He'll possibly toy with Elektra, and Elektra isn't someone you want to mess around with. When she gets an opening, she won't hesitate and she won't hold back. Bullseye's brilliant with throwing weapons and he's shockingly lethal when he wants to be, but his ego will always play a role when Elektra's involved; it's just too personal for him.

Winner: Elektra

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Elektra versus Bullseye by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson
Elektra versus Bullseye by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. Marvel Comics

Bullseye and Elektra both have impressive physicality. Both combatants are capable of deflecting bullets and casually dancing around multiple gunmen. They can swiftly disarm people with ease. And both can take quite a beating, but for different reasons. Elektra has incredible pain tolerance (she kept fighting after suffering a brain hemorrhage and being blind in one eye); Bullseye has adamantium laced to several of his bones, and Daredevil has pointed out that even makes the villain's strikes hurt more. Having a virtually unbreakable material laced to several of Bullseye's bones - including his skull - makes him more durable than his opponent. While he may be capable of taking more hits to the head, Elektra has better displays of strength - she punched straight through a guy! She's not going to effortlessly toss around Bullseye and her strength hasn't played a role in their fights, but it's still worth noting because it could.

They're both tough as nails and they can deflect projectiles while unleashing some slick moves. As far as I can tell, neither seems to have a noteworthy edge here that can probably result in a big game changer.

Winner: Draw

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Elektra vs Bullseye by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson
Elektra vs Bullseye by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. Marvel Comic

Elektra's slightly more skilled and she's definitely more focused. Now, if Bullseye wanted to kill Elektra and not mess around, he'd have a better shot at winning. But given his history with Elektra and his huge ego, that likely won't be the case. He seems to relish fighting the lethal assassin, and unfortunately for him, Elektra is someone you don't want to underestimate or toy with at all. The combination of her deadly talent and determination will more than likely allow her to eventually overcome Bullseye's twisted use of projectile. Elektra will no longer be caught off-guard by his stunning accuracy and ability to use anything as a dangerous throwing weapon. She isn't afraid of him anymore, and luckily for her, she has what it takes to defeat him. It won't be an easy fight, but the odds appear to be in her favor.

Winner: Elektra