What Songs Appear on the 'Elektra' Movie Soundtrack?

Featuring Songs By Evanescense, Jet, and Switchfoot

Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Though many Marvel superhero fans might have forgotten it since the popular Daredevil Netflix series launched, in 2003 Ben Affleck starred in the 20th Century Fox film Daredevil. The film was a modest box office success, but enough to launch a spin-off film, Elektra. Jennifer Garner returned to the role of ninja-like assassin Elektra Natchios, a character she portrayed in Daredevil opposite Affleck, who later became her real-life husband.

In Elektra, the titular assassin (Garner) is resurrected by a master martial artist named Stick (Terrence Stamp), who takes her under his tutelage. However, Elektra does not last long under his training and instead uses what she learned to continue her work as an assassin. Striking up a friendship with a young girl, Abby (Kirsten Prout), and her father, Mark Miller (Goran Visnjic) while on a job, Elektra soon discovers that the family is the target of a criminal ninja mercenary group known as The Hand. Elektra soon learns she has to return to Stick's training in order to discover why The Hand is after Abby and how Elektra can protect her from the evil fate that awaits her.

Unfortunately, like Daredevil, Elektra did not impress critics and received an even more negative response from fans of the Elektra comic book character. Even worse, it was not a box office success, grossing just $56.7 million worldwide, about a third of what Daredevil had grossed worldwide.

Elektra: The Album hit stores on January 11, 2005, three days before the movie was released in the United States. Surprisingly, few of the tracks on the soundtrack album actually appear in the film. Only two songs on the soundtrack are featured in the actual film -- "Sooner or Later" by Switchfoot and "Hollow" by Submersed. Three other songs are played during the end credits -- "Wonder" by Megan McCauley, "Photograph" by 12 Stones, and "Thousand Mile Wish (Elektra Mix)" by Finger Eleven. The rest of the track list is heavy on artists from the roster of the album’s publisher, Wind-Up records. The album also includes new songs from artists such as Evanescence, Jet, and Taking Back Sunday, though they are unrelated to the film.

Despite having little to do with the actual film, Elektra: The Album peaked at #5 on the U.S. Billboard Soundtracks Chart. It also peaked at #62 on the Billboard 200.

Elektra: The Album Soundtrack Artist and Track List

1) Strata - "Never There (She Stabs)"

2) Jet - "Hey Kids"

3) The Donnas - "Everyone is Wrong"

4) Switchfoot - "Sooner or Later"

5) Finger Eleven - "Thousand Mile Wish" ("Elektra" Mix)

6) Megan McCauley - "Wonder"

7) Taking Back Sunday - "Your Own Disaster"

8) Evanescence - "Breathe No More"

9) 12 Stones - "Photograph"

10) Alter Bridge - "Save Me"

11) The Dreaming - "Beautiful"

12) Submersed - "Hollow"

13) Hawthorne Heights - "Angels With Even Filthier Souls"

14) The Twenty Twos - "5 Years"

15) Full Blown Rose - "In the Light"

Because most of those songs did not appear in the film, much of the music in Elektra is from the score. On January 25, 2005, boutique record label Varese Sarabande released the Elektra (Original Motion Picture Score) soundtrack album. The music was composed by Christophe Beck. Since composing the score for Elektra, Beck has gone on to score much more famous films, including Hot Tub Time Machine, The Muppets, Pitch Perfect, Frozen, and Ant-Man. Prior to Elektra, Beck won an Emmy Award for composing the music for TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Elektra (Original Motion Picture Score) Track List

1) Main Title
2) DeMarco's End
3) Ferry Crossing
4) Insomnia
5) Ninjas
6) The Hand
7) Gnarly Gongs
8) Stick
9) Just Sit Quietly
10) The Kiss
11) Escape from McCabe's (Beck / Kliesch)
12) Tattoo
13) The Forest
14) Wolf Run
15) Typhoid
16) Just a Girl
17) Homecoming
18) Candle Trick
19) Kirigi
20) Hedge Maze Brawl
21) Elektra's Second Life

Edited by Christopher McKittrick