Navy Enlisted Classifications for Electronics Technicians

U.S. Navy Aviation Electrician installs a blade fold harness

U.S. Department of Defense / Wikimedia Commons

The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations.

Navy Ratings

Rating in the naval corresponds to the broad job field that a sailor works in. In this case, Electronics Technicians have a rating of ET. The rating is followed by a sequence of numbers that designate their specialty within the broader field. The rating and the number make up the sailor's NEC code.

NEC codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify people and billets for management purposes.

For example, if a Navy police officer (MA – Master at Arms) receives specialized training as a K-9 Dog Handler, they would be awarded NEC MA-2005. From that point on, the sailor could be assigned to Navy law enforcement duties involving military working dogs.

The following are all of the NECs for the Electronics Technicians field.

NECs for Electronics Technicians

  • ET-1402 Tactical Communications Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1403 AN/WSC-6(V)5 Super High Frequency (SHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Maintenance
  • ET-1404 AN/WSC-8 Super High Frequency (SHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Maintenance
  • ET-1405 AN/WSC-6(V)7 Combatant Super High Frequency (SHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Maintenance
  • ET-1406 AN/WSC-6(V)9 Combatant Super High Frequency (SHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Maintenance
  • ET-1407 AN/SSC-12 Shipboard Air Traffic Control Communications (SATCC) Technician
  • ET-1410 AN/SRC-55(V) HYDRA Technician
  • ET-1413 Meteorologist Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1415 Combined Shore Communications Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1419 Electromagnetic Compatibility Technician
  • ET-1420 Surface HF Communications System Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1424 Communications Equipment (SRQ-4) Technician
  • ET-1425 Communications Equipment (WSC-3/UHF DAMA) Technician
  • ET-1428 Small Combatant Communications Electronic Subsystem Technician
  • ET-1429 Flight Deck Communications Systems (FDCS) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1430 AN/USC-38 (V)2, 3 Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1433 Super High Frequency (SHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1452 NAVMACS(V)3 Shipboard Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1456 FLTSATCOM (CUDIXS/DAMA NAVCOMMSTA) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1458 VERDIN/ISABPS Communications Systems Technician
  • ET-1460 Communications Security (COMSEC) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1465 Special Maintenance (AN/GSC-52(V), GSC-39, FSC-78/79 SHF Satellite Terminal) Technician.
  • ET-1468 Special Maintenance (SHF SATCOM System) Technician.
  • T-1471 URN-25 Tactical Air Navigation Technician
  • ET-1486 Single Audio System (SAS)
  • ET-1491 FFG-7 Class Navigation Electronics Subsystem Technician
  • ET-1493 Tactical Support Communications (TSCOMM) Replacement Program Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1494 LHD Class Radio Communications System Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1495 AN/SYQ-13 NAV/C2 Maintainer
  • ET-14AA Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14AB Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR) Equipment Operator
  • ET-14BH SSN 774 Class Electronic Support Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14CM SSN Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment Technician
  • ET-14EM SSN ESM Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14HH SSN 21 Class ESM Technician
  • ET-14NM Navigation Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14NO Navigation Equipment Operator
  • ET-14NP SSN 774 Class Navigation and Ship's Electronic Equipment Technician
  • ET-14NV SSN/SSBN Assistant Navigator
  • ET-14RO SSN Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment Operator
  • ET-14SM SWS Navigation System Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14TG SSN 637/688 Class Navigation Technician
  • ET-14TK SSN 21 Navigation Technician
  • ET-14TM TRIDENT I/II Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14TO TRIDENT I/II Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment Operator
  • ET-14XM Electronics Technician Trident II SWS D-5 Backfit SWS Navigation Maintenance Technician
  • ET-14XO Electronics Technician Trident II SWS D-5 Backfit SWS Navigation Operator
  • ET-14ZA AN/BRD-7 Submarine Radio Direction Finding (RDF) Set Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1503 Radar (SPS-49) Technician
  • ET-1504 Radar (SPS-55) Technician
  • ET-1507 Radar (SPS-67(V)) Technician
  • ET-1510 Radar (AN/SPS-49(V)5 and 7) Technician
  • ET-1511 Radar (AN/SPS-40E) Technician
  • ET-1517 DASR/STARS Maintenance Technician Pipeline
  • ET-1520 AN/SPS-73 Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1529 Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1530 Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (DASR)
  • ET-1568 AN/TPX-42A(V)13 Shipboard DAIR Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1570 Air Traffic Control Communications Technician
  • ET-1571 AN/UPX-29(V) Ship System Maintainer
  • ET-1572 AIMS System Technician
  • ET-1574 DAIR/GCA (TPX-42) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1576 CATC DAIR Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1579 Precision Approach Radar Technician
  • ET-1580 ASR-8 Maintenance Technician
  • ET-1589 Fleet Electronics Calibration (FECL) Technician
  • ET-1590 AN/SPN-46(V) Radar Technician
  • ET-1591 Miniature/ Microminiature Module Test and Repair (2MTR) Technicians
  • ET-1592 AN/TPX-42A(V)14 Shipboard DAIR Maintenance Technician
  • ET 3323 Central Navigation Computer (CNC) Technician (CNC CP 890B on TRIDENT SSBN)
  • ET-3324 Ships Inertial Navigation System (SINS) Technician (SINS MK 2 MOD 3, 4, 6, 7)
  • ET-3327 Navigation AIDS (NAVAIDS) Technician (TRIDENT Navigation Subsystem)
  • ET-3328 Navigation Electronics Technician
  • ET-3329 Navigation Electronics Operations and Maintenance Technician (TRIDENT II D5 Backfit SWS)
  • ET-9604 JTIDS Shipboard Terminal Maintenance Technician
  • ET-9605 Naval Modular Automated Communications Systems II (NAVMACS II) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-9606 Shipboard Air Traffic Control (SATC) Radar Technician (AN/SPN-43C)
  • ET-9607 High-Frequency Radio Group (HFRG) Maintenance Technician
  • ET-9608 Radar Technician (AN/SPS-67(V)3)
  • ET-9610 Radar (AN/SPS-49A(V)) Technician
  • ET-9611 AN/SSN-2(V)4 Maintainer
  • ET-9612 AN/WSN-7(V) Operations and Maintenance Technician
  • ET-9613 Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Communications Technician
  • ET-9614 AN/SPN-35C Maintenance Technician
  • ET-9615 AN/SPS-67(V)5 Radar Technician