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Is eHarmony Worth Your Time and Money?

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eHarmony is a very popular matchmaking site for heterosexuals looking for long term relationships. However their unique approach takes a bit of getting used to, and some tweaks and waiting time is needed to get the most out of the system and bang for your buck. Read on to learn how.


"In 2000, backed by over 35 years of clinical and empirical research, Dr. Neil Clarke Warren transformed the way singles are introduced online when he launched eHarmony - the first relationship service on the Web to use a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles."

What a Membership Includes

At eHarmony you can't register for the service, upload your photo and then peruse the other members for a match like at most other dating sites. Instead, the company does all of the matching for you, using a compatibility system they've created on their own, which in turn is based on numerous scientific studies about love, relationships and compatibility. Which, depending on how you look at it, can either be a good thing or a bad one.

eHarmony's sign up process takes a long time as there are more than 400 questions - for me, it has consistently taken about an hour over the years. Yet the results are astounding; the personality printouts all users receive whether or not you pay for the service are most definitely worth the time and trouble. Not only do they tell you what you have to offer a relationship, they also tell you the kind of person you'd be the most compatible with.

For this reason alone I suggest all singles sign up and fill out the questionnaire, even if they want to focus on other sites more aligned to their desires.

However quite a few people won't be able to use this site, much less want to pay the hefty fees (see below for membership costs). eHarmony is a Christian dating site, and although it doesn't advertise this fact anymore, they still have a couple of throwbacks to the system including the fact that some people just aren't welcome, and therefore those profiles are denied.

See eHarmony Loses Lawsuit for more about this topic.

Unique Features

What makes eHarmony different than most other dating sites is the premise of the site: their matching system. This means there is no search engine, and until recently no way to even see a potential match's photo before making contact.

Many users have complained that they have zero matches initially, which I have personally found to be true as well. There is an easy fix to this problem, however: sign up, fill out the questionnaire and demographic information, get your personality profile, and then leave it alone for a while. By the time you start getting matches (you'll get an email each time the service finds someone compatible with you), you'll also have received several emails offering you a hefty discount to use the service. I wouldn't recommend anyone subscribing to the site without having at least three matches, since oftentimes members don't respond (also in my experience - usually because both partners have to pay to communicate). Then, wait until you receive an offer in your email box, and sign up at that time - and not a moment before.

I highly recommend eHarmony for heterosexuals serious about finding a long-term relationship as long as they are aware of the drawbacks listed above.

Their track record is incredible, and their success stories are increasing exponentially, with 90 members getting married every single day because of the site. Yep, you read that correctly.


Membership fees here are the highest of all the major dating sites. One month costs $59.95 USD, with the prices lowering dramatically at the 3, 6 and 12-month mark on a monthly basis. The least expensive plan requires a year-long sign up at a cost of $251.40 USD, or $20.95 USD a month (payable in one lump sum). However, as stated previously, if you sign up and then wait a while, you'll eventually get an email with a discount coupon. I often wait a few weeks and receive a 92% off offer through email.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, I love eHarmony. Have I ever met someone from the site? No, and I've been a member on-and-off almost since its inception.

For me, it's a tricky balance between paying for a membership and having other members also pay for a membership that I'm compatible with -- all at the same time. Yet I know of countless couples that have met and married through the site, many of whom only went on one date before they unsubscribed from the site. If nothing else, I strongly recommend signing up, taking the (hour-long) questionnaire, and really taking to heart the results. Then, wait, as it'll take a while to get any matches whatsoever. You'll either eventually get a free communication weekend to talk to someone potentially interesting or a 92% off coupon to really use the site. What do you have to lose?

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