What Does the Sexual Term 'Edging' Mean?

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Gen Nishino/Getty Images

Not to be confused with the landscaping term edging, in a sexual context, the term refers to bringing yourself (or someone else) to the point of orgasm but then postponing the orgasm by stopping, slowing down, or changing up the kind of sexual stimulation.

In many cases, edging is described in masturbation, where you pleasure yourself just to the point of orgasm but then pull back. Then you ramp up the stimulation again to the point of orgasm and again pull back. When you do finally let yourself go over the top, many people describe the orgasms as especially intense.

But edging has also taken off as a partnered sexual activity. It is a search term that comes up often when you look at what people search for on free porn websites and general search engines (which is one way to get a glimpse of the things people want to see but don't want to talk about in public).

Why Edge?

Some people might wonder what the point is of a sexual activity that doesn't end in orgasm or release. What little sex education people get usually describes the point or goal of sex as a climax. 

But there are several reasons why edging is fun, pleasurable, and can expand your sexual experiences.

Often when we're having sex we can be distracted or actively avoiding paying close attention to our body. For some of us, this is because of a history of abuse. For others, it comes from difficulty in being in the moment or letting ourselves open up and be vulnerable. Many men are taught that if they want to "last longer" they need to actively think of something other than what's happening in the moment.

One of the wonderful things about edging is that it requires you to pay very close attention to your sexual response, or if you’re doing it with someone else it means you have to be very tuned into your partner’s response.  

Another benefit of edging is that it takes away the pressure of a big finish, and is all about paying attention to what's happening now. It's easy to start worrying during sex about how it's going to end. This is especially true for straight couples, but it can be a problem for any sexual relationship that's found a routine that works.

There's nothing wrong with routine, but when you travel the same route every day, you do stop noticing all the interesting changes in your neighborhood along the way. The same is true with sex. 

To edge is to be in the moment, and to do it well is to be able to read and respond to what's happening in your body and your partner's body right now.

How Do You Do It?

Edging can be incorporated into any sexual activity, but proficient edgers usually say that using your hand for stimulation gives you the greatest control.