Edge of the Bed Sex Position

Basic Edge of the Bed Sex Position:

This position is as much about the furniture used as the actual positioning of bodies. One partner lies at the edge of a bed or in a big comfy chair, and brings their butt right up to the edge of the furniture. Their partner can either kneel or stand in between their legs and use their body to thrust or otherwise move.

Variations of Edge of the Bed Sex Positions:

The partner being penetrated can be on their back with legs in the air or resting on their partner’s chest or shoulders.

They can be on their front with bum facing their partner for easy rear entry. Experiment with the way it feels to raise one leg, the other, or both.

If you are the partner lying down you can also grab on to the edge of the bed or chair and use your arms to leverage your body so you can rock back and forth or create movement.

Adding pillows can change the angle of penetration and also make furniture more comfortable.

View illustrated edge of the bed sex positions.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • This is a great position for people who live with fatigue. But it requires one partner to do most of the work.
  • Using furniture can resolve a lot of problems that come with partners of very different heights or body shapes or sizes. But in the basic position the partners don't have a lot of physical body contact.

Great sex positions are ones that are comfortable, let you do what you want (by yourself or with partners), and don't take away from your experience of sexual pleasure.

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