Why eBay Is One of the Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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eBay is a household word these days, often being referenced in movies, TV shows, and pop culture. But eBay is also an important word for many stay-at-home-moms who can easily make extra money each month by selling their children's outgrown clothes, shoes, toys, school materials, and other stuff. eBay is the perfect profitable part-time job for stay-at-home moms for many reasons.


eBay is accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone and internet access. Unlike direct sales companies (MLMs) and home businesses like Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Arbonne, Rodan, and Fields, or Discovery Toys, eBay requires no start-up costs. There are no kits to buy, no ​training to attend, no supervisor to report to, no meetings to attend, and no downline to build. 

To start selling, just open eBay and Paypal accounts, take photos of your items, and start listing. Look at eBay completed listings to figure out how to price items. eBay is so user-friendly, you can do everything from your phone without even touching a computer. You can follow 10 easy steps to start selling on eBay today.

Some moms get really creative with listing items during the craziest times. It is actually pretty easy to take a batch of photos on your smartphone, then list items on eBay from your phone while waiting at the dentist office, at swimming lessons, or at the bus stop. eBay mobile is a very easy application and for industrious sellers, a huge time saver. Use those idle moments when waiting for kids at activities, when babies or toddlers are napping, or whenever you have a few extra minutes, to list things on eBay, and watch the sales come in. 


eBay is so much more convenient than having a garage sale, taking items to children's consignment stores, or participating in large group consignment sales. Been there, done all of that. It takes so much preparation time to get ready for a garage sale or consignment sale, because everything has to be cleaned, priced, and sorted out on the same day. And the weather is always a concern. If the sale is outside, it could be totally rained out and not happen. If the sale is indoors, inclement weather can affect attendance. 

Additionally, eBay opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 50 countries around the world. When you have a garage sale, your buyer pool is only those people who actually show up in your garage. eBay has millions of buyers worldwide — you would never get that many people to come to a garage or consignment sale. Anyone can buy your item, even while you sleep or wait in the carpool line. eBay is the ultimate in convenience. 

eBay is a business that can be put on hold when life gets busy, kids get sick, the family travels or takes vacations, the kids are out of school and your time is not your own, or if there is a family emergency. eBay has a vacation setting so that sellers can pause their stores, then re-start when time allows. There is no supervisor to report to, no boss to have to understand the situation when you have to take a break and put the business on hold to handle family matters. 

Inventory to Sell

Moms, more than any other type of eBay seller, have a constant stream of income as their children grow from babies to college students. Think about how quickly toys and clothes pile up when kids are little. Children literally leave a trail of outgrown items and they grow up. A few things that kids outgrow and are sellable on eBay:

  • Duplicate baby shower gifts (sell them before the baby is even born!)
  • Bedding
  • Baby and toddler feeding items
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toys, board games, Lego
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Electronics
  • Video games
  • Sporting goods
  • Dance apparel and shoes
  • Homeschool materials
  • Books
  • Stuffed animals/plush
  • Room decor

The list is endless. eBay is the perfect answer to re-homing gently used children's items. Think about it, kids, especially little kids, don't wear clothes or shoes or use toys long enough to wear them out. eBay is a great way to recover your investment in kid-related items and put the revenue towards what they need at the next stage.

Income Potential

The income potential is really unlimited, but let's be realistic. Stay-at-home moms have a very important job and their first commitment is to the family. eBay can be worked in around the important stuff. Moms don't forget this! eBay will be here when your kids are grown. You only get to be a mom once. 

Some moms start with re-homing baby items and stick with eBay for years. If you want to build a business, inventory is easy to find at thrift stores, garage sales, on Facebook groups, or at consignment sales. The best way to approach building an eBay business as a mom is to sell your own kids items, and items from around your home, to get familiar with eBay and learn the process. Then you can gradually add items that you buy specifically to resell. 

The extra income is great, no matter much it is! And, you are keeping items out of the landfill as well has to help another mom get a great item at a good price. You could strive to be like this mom, who makes $3k a month selling clothing from thrift stores. It took her a while to get to that level, but with work, dedication, and patience, it can be done! 

There is a whole community of stay at home moms who sell on eBay in this Facebook group with 25,000 members. It is the largest Facebook group of eBay sellers, and other moms are there to give support, helpful tips, and advice to others. There are quite a few resources in the files section, so any question you may have about selling on eBay has probably already been asked and answered. Happy selling!