Easy Boat Improvements 2 - Galley Improvements

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Add a Water Filter

Boat Water Filter
© Tom Lochhaas.

The following pages include several key improvements you can make in your boat's galley.

Lots of boaters don't want to drink water straight from the boat's water tanks because it doesn't taste fresh or because they fear bacteria or other contaminants may be present. Instead, they carry bottled water, which is an added expense, takes up lots of prime storage room in the galley or elsewhere, and creates more trash that must be carried ashore. But it's easy and cost-effective to install a water filter between the tank and the galley tap.

There's certainly no need for a fancy filtering system or an expensive boating specialty item. The undersink filter shown here is marketed for RVs, which like boats typically have lower-pressure water systems than in the home. Inside the canister is a filter element that is easily replaced every year or so. Different varieties of filters are available. This one includes a charcoal element that removes the taste of chlorine as well as germs and other contaminants. That means you can add a little bleach into your water tanks to keep them clean, and the chlorine taste will be gone at the tap.

Just search online for "RV water filter" and check your options for the best fit for your boat. These are very easy to install and usually come with the needed fittings.>

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Over-Sink Cutting Board

Boat Sink Cutting Board
© Tom Lochhaas.

A double sink is terrific on a boat, but the second sink is generally used only for washing dishes - and rest of the time it just represents a loss of precious counter space. Why not make your own cutting board that fits perfectly in place and increases your working area?

Since wood and synthetic cutting boards come in all sizes and shapes, it's easy to find one that with a bit of trimming will fit perfectly. With the one shown in this photo, one edge was trimmed and a small notch cut near the spigot. Cut it to cover the maximum amount of sink space.

The photo on the next page shows the back of this cutting board and the piece of wood mounted there to keep the cutting board firmly in place, preventing any sliding around when in use.

Then we'll move on to another great galley improvement!

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Back Side of Custom-Fit Cutting Board

Back of Boat Cutting Board
© Tom Lochhaas.

Here is the underneath side of the cutting board shown in the previous photo. After careful measurements, a simple piece of pine matching the sink's dimensions was screwed to the back of the boat in the position that centers the sink-cover in exactly the right space. This allows no lateral movement of the cutting board when being used or when the boat moves.

My spouse and I agree this simple item is one of the best things we have done to improve our boat's galley for food preparation.

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Fold-Up Dish Rack and Drainer

Boat Dish Rack
© Tom Lochhaas.

You've had a great meal and are washing the dishes - and now there's that problem of where to put them once rinsed. There isn't room in the galley for a mate beside you to take and dry each and put it away. You have to set the clean dishes down somewhere, and why not let them air-dry a while too? But a regular dish rack like those used in the home takes up a lot of space both beside the sink when used and when stowed away.

Voila! One of the best little galley improvements I've ever stumbled upon. A boat-sized combined dish rack and drainer that fits in a small space and folds up for storage!

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Dish Rack and Drainer Folded for Storage

Folded Boat Dish Rack
© Tom Lochhaas.

Here it is folded up and ready to be stowed away. The long dimension here is about a foot, and it's about 2 inches thick. Just compare that to how much room you need to store a regular dish drainer! (Hint: several wine bottles would fit in the space saved.) In addition, unlike the wood types of folding racks, this one has a bottom that catches dripping water so that you don't need a drain board beneath it.

Available at Defender Marine for around $20.