Easy Drawing Ideas Step-by-Step

Easy Drawing Ideas, Step-by-Step Drawing Guide for Beginners

Pen and ink Drawing of Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear. Getty Images

A great way to improve your drawing skills is to use a time-tested method: the step-by-step drawing guide. There’s nothing wrong with taking a professional’s advice on how to draw something. Once you master the step-by-step method, then you can expand on it and create your very own drawings. 

Here are some easy drawing ideas you can start off with, step-by-step:


To draw a cute fish, start out by sketching a circle. It does not have to be perfect! After all, fish aren’t perfect circles.

Next, imagine your circle is actually a pizza. Now draw a small slice out of your pizza. Your fish should remind you of a PacMan at this stage. Does it?

Your fish’s eye comes next! Draw a circle above and behind her mouth, and then draw another circle inside that circle. Color in the second circle to make it her pupil.

From there, mark where her head meets her body, it should be a line that kind of mimics the curve of her body and divides the body in half. If you’re feeling creative, you can add some ruffle-y gills in that general area too.

I feel like we’re forgetting something? What else do fish need? How do they get around?

Oh, yeah! Fins! Give you fish a pair of small semicircular fins on the underside of her body, a wavy larger fin up top, and a tail fin that looks a bit like a triangle with a way at the side that’s at the far back of your fish. 

Anything else? Nope! 

Your fish is finished! You can draw a whole school of fish if you want, or this fish can be a loner. Either way, plop her in some water and show off your artwork! (Do not show it to Nemo unless you are proud of your drawing!)


Drawing a bear starts out the same way you drew your fish; with a circle! Circles are great fundamental shapes when it comes to doing easy drawings.

Using the arch of your circle as a guide, mimic that curve and draw a semi-circle in the lower half of your first circle. The shape should remind you of a rainbow. If you imagine your circle with a peace sign on it, the ends of the semicircle would touch the first and third lower prongs of the peace sign.

At the top of your semi-circle, draw a black dot. This is your bear’s nose!

Going down from that black dot, add a line that extends about half the distance from your black dot to the bottom of your first circle. The line then swoops out into an upward hooks on both the left and the right. This is your bear’s mouth! The two hooked curves are his smile and his chubby cheeks.

Your bear needs to see, right? Give him two eyes – you can decide where they look best (though I hear eyes work best when they’re above his nose!) 

Last but not least, add a semicircle on top of your bear’s head, one right above each of his eyes. Then draw a matching, smaller semicircle inside the first two. These are your bear’s ears!

Lions, tigers, and BEARS, oh my! You just drew your first adorable teddy!


Does your bear need a swine friend? Pigs are similar to bears because they also start out with a circle! 

Once you have your circle, draw another smaller circle a little below center inside your first circle. Add two dots to the circle, side-by-side. This is your wee piggy’s nose!

On the top of your pig’s head, create two ears by drawing two little triangles. These triangles should have slightly wobbly lines – make sure there’s at least a little curve to them. No pig has perfectly straight ears!

Draw in your pig’s eyes. I bet you they belong in the same place as your bear’s eyes!. I bet you they belong in the same place as your bear’s eyes!

Last but not least, give your little hog a smile! He’s a happy fellow, so put a nice big grin on his face by drawing an upward curving line right under his nose.

Play with the Basics

Now that you know how to draw a pig, a bear, and a fish, why not try your hand at drawing other simple animals? 

Cats have triangular noses, almond-shaped eyes, and whiskers.

Dogs have big noses and long, floppy ears.

This is the magic of getting some easy drawing ideas step by step: once you know how to break down your subjects into simple shapes and lines, you can try out the same technique with anything you set your mind to!

Have a go at these simple drawings without any reference to images on this page or anywhere else—okay, take a peek at the drawing here if you are not sure. If you are, that’s great. This is your first step to become a professional artist!