11 Easy Dinners Your Kids Can Make

... With a Little Supervision and Instruction

Looking for new ways to make your evening routine less stressful? Try sharing chores and responsibilities with your kids. There's a lot they can do to help, especially as they get older. And when it comes to cooking dinner, tweens and teens will see it as more of a privilege than a chore. Just be sure to provide lots of one-on-one instruction the first few times and provide ample supervision when your children are using knives or the stove. 

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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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Yum! Grilled cheese sandwiches are a perfect introduction to cooking for kids who are old enough to use the stove. This delicious recipe is from Linda Larsen, About.com's Busy Cooks Experts. Experiment with different types of bread and cheeses, or try adding tomato or avocado slices for an extra bite of flavor and nutrition.

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Cheese & Bean Quesadillas

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Stephanie Gallagher, About.com's Cooking for Kids Expert, has a whole collection of delicious quesadilla recipes -- all quick and easy to prepare. This one has beans for extra protein. A tip for the young chefs in your home: Be sure to cook it over low heat so the cheese melts completely.

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This recipe from Danilo Alfaro, About.com's Culinary Arts Expert, makes perfect griddle pancakes every time! 

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Scrambled Eggs

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When I was a kid, scrambled eggs were one of the first foods I learned how to make. This recipe is another treat from Danilo Alfaro, About.com's Culinary Arts Expert. If you have kids of multiple ages, let the young ones start the toast while you teach the older ones how to make these delicious eggs.

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French Bread Pizza

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This recipe from Jolinda Hackett, About.com's Vegetarian Food Expert is a hearty twist on English Muffin pizzas. Try customizing the toppings to include your kids' favorites.

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Easy Chicken Soup

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This recipe from About.com's Souther Food Expert, Diana Rattray, is made with leftover cooked chicken. To make preparation even easier, make a habit of dicing and freezing leftover chicken whenever possible. This is a great recipe to sneak veggies in to, also. Try adding a handful of diced carrots or celery for extra flavor. 

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Broccoli Stuffed Potatoes

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Adapt this recipe from by cooking the potatoes and bacon in the microwave. Be sure to provide extra supervision when removing the bacon from the microwave, though, because it will be hot

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Pizza Dip

Looking for a fun alternative? Try this pizza dip recipe -- another favorite from Linda Larsen, About.com's Busy Cooks Expert. It a fun and easy recipe, and a good opportunity to teach safe oven use at home. Serve it up with pita slices, crackers, and cut-up veggies. 

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Rolled Tacos

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This yummy recipe is from Chelsie Kenyon, About.com's Mexican Food Expert. The directions include beef and chicken options -- either of which could be made ahead and kept in the freezer.

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Simple Marinara Sauce

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This marinara sauces is another favorite from Jolinda Hackett, About.com's Vegetarian Food Expert. Made from canned crushed or diced tomatoes, it's packed with flavor. Consider chopping the onions in advance and or even storing them in the freezer. This removes the need for your kids to handle the chopping, which can be tricky until their dexterity matures.  

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Chicken and Rice Casserole

Think your kids can't prepare a "full meal"? Try teaching them this recipe from Diana Rattray, About.com's Southern Food Expert. Made with rice, chicken, onion soup mix, and cream of mushroom soup, it's easy and delicious.