Easy Alt Rock Songs on Guitar

Guitar Chords for Easy to Play Alt and Indie Rock Songs

If you're pretty new to the guitar, and are looking for tabs and chords beyond the standard beginner songs like "Leaving on a Jet Plane", the following is a collection of chords for alt rock and indie rock songs you should be able to learn easily.

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Blitzen Trapper Furr

Nice and simple, this Blitzen Trapper song uses a small number of chords you probably already know. Blitzen Trapper play "Furr" using a capo, but you don't need to so long as you're not playing along with the recording.

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Oh My Sweet Carolina

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker

This is a nice easy little acoustic guitar song by Ryan Adams that would make an excellent duet, if you've got some friends who are singers. Ryan Adams used Emmylou Harris as his vocal partner, so your friends have big shoes to fill.

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This Radiohead classic from OK Computer is a little more intricate, and uses some slightly trickier chords like Bminor, but there are some included suggestions on how to make things easier.

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Travis The Invisible Band

This britpop song by Travis uses simple chords, and could be good practice for guitarists just getting familiar with basic chords. The original strum is more complex, but there are a few suggestions for making it easier.

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Aracde Fire Neon Bible

This Arcade Fire song should be fairly easy stuff if you've mastered the F major chord. If you haven't, perhaps this would be a good time to learn it.

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New Slang

The Shins Oh Inverted World

This is a great song by The Shins which served to put the band on the map after it was featured in Garden State. It's pretty easy to play, although it again uses an F major chord.

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In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Neutral Milk Hotel in the aeroplane over the sea

This Neutral Milk Hotel tune from the album of the same name is a snap to play on guitar, as long as you can match the pretty quick tempo of the song.

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This Oasis song uses a few simple chords - the strum may be a challenge, but you should be able to learn this one pretty quickly.