10 Work-from-Home Jobs to Earn Money During the Holidays

Skip the retail hours—these ten jobs can be done on your own time

We can all use a little extra cash during the holiday season, and fortunately, during this time there are more opportunities to pick up extra work. Many stores hire season retail employees—but working the Black Friday sales isn't the only way to earn. These ten home-based jobs will help you earn extra cash and build up your holiday nest egg.

Many holiday jobs will need to be set in motion months in advance. The best time to start making plans for holiday work is between July and September. But even in November or December, you may be able to pick up some extra holiday cash—or start making plans for next year.

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Assist, in person or virtually

Earn Money from Home During the Holidays
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People are so busy at the end of the year that many will outsource everyday chores like running errands, shopping, or gift wrapping. If you have transportation and regular blocks of free time, you can offer to take on these responsibilities for an hourly or per-task fee.  

To find this type of work, you can either advertise as a personal assistant or put the word out through friends and family that you're available to help out with holiday tasks. Another route is to become a virtual assistant, either for individuals or through a company that connects VAs to clients. You can also find people who need personal assistants for one-off jobs through short task sites like TaskRabbit.

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Take on micro tasks

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If you only have small bits of time to earn money, micro jobs might be the thing for you.

Micro job sites allow people to earn money by doing discrete tasks, such as checking a website's pages or doing data entry. Each task generally takes under an hour and pays a small amount, so you'll likely make under minimum wage. Many of these sites have a minimum threshold (often around $50) that you must reach before you can move money into your bank account.

Micro tasks can also be done with money-making apps on your cell phone while you are running errands, traveling, or shuttling kids around. These apps do come with pitfalls, however, so they should not be your only source of extra income.

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Work in translation

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If you speak multiple languages, there are many companies seeking bilingual workers for work-at-home translation jobs. These positions can include search engine evaluation, transcription, captioning, data entry, and interpretation in hundreds of different languages and dialects. Some companies also hire bilingual call center agents for customer service work. Most positions require that you be either a native or fluent speaker.  

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Decorate for the holidays

Holiday Wreath-making Business
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People hire holiday decorators not just because they don't have the time to do it themselves but because they want more elaborate, professional decor. Talent and experience in floral design or interior decorating is helpful in starting a holiday decorating business.

To persuade clients to hire you, invest some time in building a design portfolio that shows off your work. Take quality photos of any holiday decorating you do, whether you were paid for it or not. Use either a website or a social media account to show your work online and a showcase book to bring to meetings with clients.

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Take in paying guests

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Capitalize on all the holiday travel by sharing your home through a company like Airbnb. Rent out a room, a guest apartment, or even your whole house when you are away.

Before renting your space, you will need to invest some time in getting set up, such as staging your space, taking photos, and putting your listing on a website. To rent around the holidays, you may also need to invest in sturdy holiday decor that can be set up when guests are in residence but you are absent.

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Sell crafts and gifts

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If you're a crafter with homemade items accumulating, the holiday season is the time to sell them. Shoppers are looking both for homemade gifts and unique decorations. Set up a booth at local bazaars and festivals, sell items online through marketplaces like Etsy, or look for stores that stock items made by local artisans.

Don't wait too long to get started; creating an inventory takes time and tables at crafts fairs may fill up early. If you are want to sell holiday crafts, start your planning during the summer. 

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Work at a call canter

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If you want an extra paycheck rather than a home business, look for holiday jobs in home call centers.

Many home call center jobs hire agents for seasonal jobs starting in August and September, and these positions generally last through January. These jobs don't have many requirements and qualifications, but they do look for workers with prior customer service experience.

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Sell online

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If you need to clear out some space at home before the holiday gift-giving rush begins, consider being an online seller through platforms like eBay or Etsy. Whether you want to start a long-term business or pick up some cash during the holiday season, online selling allows you to get money for things you were going to get rid of anyway. 

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Housesit or pet sit

Pet Sitting
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While moving into someone else's house during the holiday season to house sit is not practical for everyone, many holiday travelers don't need full-time coverage for their home. Instead, they are more likely to hire someone to check on the house daily, pick up the mail, turn on lights, or care for low-maintenance pets like cats and fish.

The best way to find these jobs is through your local networks, such as friends, family, and neighbors. There are also websites that connect housesitters and homeowners for longer arrangements. 

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Babysit or nanny

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New parents and families with infants often prefer to have an adult or another parent watch their children. With so many holiday parties and events, these parents are often looking for childcare help.

If you have daytime availability, many parents also need child care during Christmas break when schools and daycare centers are closed. Your child’s school or playgroup is a good place to network and offer your child care services.