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Saratoga Springs Race Course opening weekend, 2003

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Betting on horse racing can be fun but it can be pretty difficult for the casual bet placer to know which horse to bet on. While some gamblers make it their job to know everything about the horses and their riders many people simply don't have the time or inclination for the kind of research. Using a horse picking website like e-ponies.com can save your time and if you're lucky, earn you a little pocket change. Of course, as with any game of gambling, there's no guarantee that Durbin's tips will pay off but many find horse racing to be fun games of chance. You can always follow along without placing a bet. 

Analyses Are Completely Computer Generated

All e-ponies.com analyses are completely computer generated based on a code written by owner Liam Durbin. He started his website in 1999 using the name Digital Chalk Line. After his stats were picked up in a few newspapers the site grew and is now known as e-ponies.com. His algorithm has been tweaked over the years but the basics of it have remained pretty much the same. The website works to give an unbiased review of each animal based on several factors. Each horse that the website reviews is scored based on speed, class, form, last, connections, and line. An artificial handicap is also imposed upon the horse's score. 

Horse Racing Circuit Analyses From Around the Country

The most popular service on Durbin's site is the Racing picks which are posted daily for each racing circuit. They also tweet tips and what they consider "high-value wagers" twice a day. If you're looking for the scoop on the racing world or simply love statistics this website will be of interest to you. On the website, you can find horse racing circuit analyses from every part of the country. 

While the web sites biggest claim to fame is Durbin's algorithm, fans will find even more on the website. The active user forum is just one draw for horse racing enthusiast. There's also an app called One Trick Pony for those who just can't get enough of horse racing.

  • New York - includes Saratoga, Belmont, and Aqueduct, whichever one is racing
  • California - includes Del Mar and Santa Anita, whichever one is racing

E-ponies selections are provided by Liam Durbin webmaster/handicapper