A 1-Wood Golf Club, The Driver

Golf Ball On Tee
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The driver is one of the standard golf clubs carried by most golfers and is designed to hit the ball the farthest out of all of them. It is the club with the largest clubhead, the longest shaft (with the exception of certain types of putters), and the least amount of loft (again, excepting putters).

The driver (designated as a 1-wood) is most commonly used for tee shots on par-4s and par-5s, with the ball teed up. Some highly skilled golfers may rarely attempt to play a driver from the fairway, but most golfers should stick to using driver only off a tee; also, because the driver is the longest-shafted club and has a low amount of loft, it is often the club most difficult to use for amateurs and recreational golfers.

"Driver" can also be used to refer to a golfer, as in, "Jack Nicklaus was a great driver of the golf ball." In this usage, "driver" is referring to a golfer's proficiency in using the club to hit the ball straight, consistently, a long way down the course.

Mastering the Full Swing

In order to properly utilize the driving force of a driver club, a golfer must first master the art of the full swing — a method of following through from the start of the stroke, to contact, then through the rest of the motion as to apply the most forward momentum to the ball.

All useful tips for using a driver start with a call to remember the basic elements of a good swing: keeping your head still, shoulders relaxed, knees slightly bent, and to maintain focus on where you want the ball to go.

The other important tip to remember is that you will need to follow through with your swing — new players often want to stop the motion of their driver once they make contact with the ball, but this has a tendency to cause the ball to fly erratically or shorter than intended, so golfers should keep swinging through the arch of the swing after hitting the ball.

Popular Drivers for Your Collection

There are a number of popular brands in the golfing world known for their excellently crafted drivers, among them Miura Golf, XXIO Prime and Cobra clubs. 

Miura Golf offers high-end clubs to highly skilled golfers, though also offers a number of mid- and high-handicap clubs for less experienced players. Fortunately, Miura released the Hiyate driver, built for all skill levels with its shallow profile, a 460cc driver with a titanium face and 35-gram arch for greater ball speed and reduced spin.

The XXIO Prime, on the other hand, is a driver made for professionals by professionals. The latest line offers an SP-000 graphite shaft, which is two grams lighter in weight than the shaft in the previous model despite being longer at 46 inches, which help give it extra power and control.

No matter which driver a player chooses, though, the true strength of his or her drive, or long game, lies in the skills displayed when mastering the full swing and landing the ball hundreds of yards down the course, squarely in the middle of the fairway.