Tall Women Body Types: Dressing the Pear-Shaped Body

Our tall women's fashion expert shares her best tips.

Gina Davis. Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Tall women don't catch many breaks when it comes to finding clothing that fits well and flatters their figure. Not only do we have to dress for our height, we also have to dress for our shape. If you're a tall woman with a pear-shaped body, you're no exception. Along with taking inseam and length into consideration, you'll want to think about the silhouettes that best flatter your derriere, waist and legs. Ahead, we've compiled our seven best tips on how to dress for your unique shape.

1. Wear wide-leg pants and jeans. When you purchase wide-legged pants, choose a size that fits you perfectly around your widest point so that the leg doesn't pull tight across your hips and thighs. This may mean trying on and purchasing pants that are too big around the waist, but it's easier to get a tailor to cinch in the waist than it is to have the legs let out. Buy pants in a dark color or wash and make sure that they have a sufficiently-long inseam. Just because the legs are wide, doesn't mean you can get away pants that run an inch or two short.

2. Choose tops that hit you at your widest point.

Avoid short tops and t-shirts that seem to cut you off at the middle. Short tops will only emphasize the size discrepancy between your top and bottom halves. Look for long camis, t-shirts and blouses that are long enough to hit your hips at their widest point.

3. Draw attention to your waist. One of the benefits of having a pear shape is that you can show off your tiny waist with brazen abandon. Use a belt to cinch around the smallest part of your torso, drawing the eye away from your bottom half. Or, look for dresses in an A-line cut or designs with a full skirt. (See more below.)

4. A-lines are your friend.

When choosing skirts, coats or dresses, look for A-line options. This style highlights your natural waist, then flares out over your hips and thighs, hiding your trouble-spots without making it look like you're trying to cover up. Want to look extra-good and feel even more amazing? Wear heels!

5. Look for tops with interesting necklines.

You want to highlight your long neck and nice shoulders, so choose necklines that offer a point of interest. You can choose a simple boat-neck top or go for something more daring like a high-neck halter or even an off-the-shoulder top. This will keep the focus of your outfit up top and draw eyes where you want them. 

6. Add layers.

In order to balance out your hips, you can add a little bulk to your shoulders with cardigans, blazers or even a vest. Choose items that you can tie or belt in at the waist to maintain a feminine silhouette.

7. Look to tall and pear shaped actresses for inspiration.

Celebrities like Blake Lively, Gina Davis and Charlize Theron are all examples of tall women who are great at dressing your their body type. With ever-more accepting standards of beauty in Hollywood, real women can find helpful examples of how to dress a pear shaped figure, especially if you're 5'10 or taller.

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