How to Draw a Female Superhero

A Basic Exercise in Drawing the Female Body

Learning how to draw people can be a challenge at first. You want to get the proportions correct and make your character come to life, but where do you begin? Rather than using a 'real-life' woman as an example, let's start with a simple superhero from the comic books.

Cartoon and comic characters will give you a good practice for other types of figure drawings. They are quick and have simple lines and very few details to worry about. This lesson will give you a good sense of drawing a woman's body, even if it is a bit exaggerated.

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The Drawing Begins With a Skeleton

Drawing a female superhero, step 1
Shawn Encarnacion

To begin drawing our gorgeous female superhero, we start with the structure or simplified skeleton. We need to create the basic form first so that the pose is decided and the overall proportions are correct before we add any detail.

Often with a female character, the hips will be a little broader and the shoulders narrower than a male character. Of course, you can vary the proportions slightly to suit your individual character. After all, everybody is different!

This character has a strong look with relatively broad shoulders. She is a classic long-legged super-heroine archetype.

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Give Your Lady Some Flowing Lines

Drawing a female superhero, step 2
Shawn Encarnacion

If you've had some practice drawing, you should have no trouble following this example to develop the outline. For beginners, it's a good idea to draw lightly at first, so you can erase if you need to.

  1. Draw the main lines first, from the torso through the legs, and aim for a flowing, beautiful line. Notice how her thigh is slightly larger than her calf and both have good muscle definition.
  2. With that foundation, continue to connect the character's arms, neck, and head from your outline. Women tend to have thin, long necks, so be sure to give her head the proper foundation.
  3. Add in the details like her breasts, toes, and fingers.
  4. Finish up with that gorgeous, flowing hair. Give your heroine a face and don't forget lines that accent her toned muscles.

Keep your lines simple while retaining that flow. Notice how there are very few hard corners in this drawing and that's because the human body has very few itself. We are not drawing a box, but a moving form with curves and it's important to retain that on paper.

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Every Woman Needs a Great Wardrobe

Drawing a female superhero, step 3
Shawn Encarnacion

Complete the character with a superhero outfit. A super-heroine can never have too much lycra! 

Her clothes are skin tight, so this is very easy as there is no flowing cloth to worry about. Simply add a few lines to define her top and bottom. Use color to add dimension and separation or shading if you prefer to keep her black and white.

Sprayed-on thigh-high boots and long gloves complete her look. You can add a cape and some high-tech weaponry if you like.

This chick kicks ... ahem... kicks the bad guys into the dust! Have fun!

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