How to Draw a Cartoon Santa Claus

Santa claus holding letter
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It's easy to draw your very own Santa Claus cartoon. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to create an outline of the traditional jolly Santa, complete with a sack slung over his shoulder.

The instructions may look a little difficult at first, but don't worry. If you follow this lesson one step at a time and copy each line carefully, you'll end up with a great looking Santa Claus.

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Body and Head

start drawing Santa with a big circle
Start your Santa Claus with a big circle. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

To begin your cartoon Santa, draw a really big circle. Then, draw a small circle so that the big circle overlaps its middle. Add two eyes and a little round nose on the line where the circles connect.

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draw Santa's moustache
Draw Santa's Moustache. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Next, draw Santa's curly mustache, connecting it at the base of his nose. To give him that jolly look, add some wrinkle lines below his eyes.

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drawing santa's face
Drawing Santa's Face. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Add more detail to Santa's face to complete his "Ho-Ho-Ho" appearance.

Add a big circle that connects to each side of his mustache to finish off his beard. Then, draw a smaller circle inside that for his mouth. Give him a little lip line with a half-moon underneath. Add a third circle to create his tongue.

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Eyebrows and Whiskers

draw santa's whiskers
Draw Santa's Whiskers. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Santa is known for having great facial hair, so now is the time to give that a little life as well.

Draw two rounded rectangles to make big, fluffy eyebrows on the top of his forehead. Then draw a pointy, curved line to add some whiskers to his beard. Just a single line gives the impression of hair, so keep it simple.

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draw the ear
Draw the Ear. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Santa needs an ear, so draw that right behind his beard. The ear is a simple curved line, and inside of it is a small "S"-shaped line.

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begin drawing Santa's Hat
Begin Drawing Santa's Hat. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Now we need to give Santa his traditional hat. The first part of his hat is a rounded rectangle fitting snugly over his head.

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finish drawing Santa's hat
Finish drawing Santa's Hat. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

To finish drawing Santa's hat, add a circle behind his ear that is not connected to the drawing. This is the soft, heavy pom-pom that hangs down.

Draw two curved lines that connect the hat to the pom-pom. The first should come from the brim of the hat and the second, shorter line from right behind Santa's ear.

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Right Hand

draw Santa's hand
Draw Santa's Hand. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Because this is a cartoon Santa, details like hands and feet can be simplified. You can see the basic shapes that make up the form of Santa's hand. Draw the hand waving over his head, and draw a line on each side that goes down to his body.

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Left Hand

draw Santa's hand and arm
Draw Santa's Hand and Arm. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Santa's other hand is also made of simple shapes. It might look a bit odd at first, but if you remember that the arm is coming toward you and the hand is gripping the bag, it makes sense.

Don't forget to draw the forearm behind the hand; it is a simple curved line.

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Bag of Toys

Draw Santa's toy bag
Draw Santa's Toy Bag. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Santa's bag of toys is really just a large oval that is nearly the size of his body.

Draw a few lines pointing down toward his hand to represent the folds in the fabric. Give the bag dimension with one sweeping curve in the lower part of the bag.

The end of the bag is an outline of a lopsided figure-8 and is connected with two curving lines that lead to Santa's hand.

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Draw Santa's Coat
Draw Santa's Coat. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

One of Santa's most important features is his warm red coat.

Draw two curved lines that start beneath his beard and end on the bottom right side. Then draw two curved lines on the other side as well.

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Belt and Boots

draw Santa's belt and boots
Draw Santa's Belt and Boots. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

To make Santa's belt, draw a long rectangle that follows the shape of his round belly, making it run outside of the main body circle just a bit. Then put a rectangle in the center of it for the buckle. Drawing the third rectangle inside of this one adds a little dimension.

Santa's legs are very simple. They are pointy, curved rectangles. A small triangular notch is cut out to make the boot shapes.

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Finishing Touches

the finished cartoon Santa picture
The finished Santa cartoon. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

Now your Santa cartoon is nearly finished. Add two simple rectangles to finish off the top of his boots and you're done.

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Adding Color

Santa Claus Cartoon in Color
The Santa Claus Cartoon in Color. S. Encarnacion, licensed to, Inc.

To add color to Santa, make his suit and hat red and accent it with green for the belt, boots, mittens, and sack. Give him some blue eyes, a pink nose and tongue, and a little purple for the shadow inside his mouth.

Of course, you can always give Santa a custom look with your own color scheme.