Drawing Lessons: A Cartoon Easter Bunny

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The Easter Bunny is a fun character for cartoon drawing. He's bright, happy, and filled with excitement and color. While he may look a little difficult to draw, this tutorial will guide you through each step of the way.

How to Draw a Cute Easter Bunny

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 Shawn Encarnacion

The neat part about drawing a cartoon bunny is that his features are exaggerated and the lines are simple. He's much easier to draw than a realistic rabbit and your bunny can take on any color or features you want.

You will also notice that our Easter Bunny is incredibly cute. He follows the standard "cute character" archetype that is so popular in cartoon body styles. This means that once you learn how to draw this bunny, you can also draw any other cute cartoon character you like with just a few modifications.

Body and Head

Easter Bunny Cartoon - Step 1, Basic Shapes
Easter Bunny Cartoon Step 1 - Basic Shapes.

Shawn Encarnacion

When you start this drawing, make sure to leave a bit of room on your page for the Easter Bunny's ears and feet — and, of course, that yummy Easter Egg.

Let's start off with two simple shapes: draw a "rounded" diamond for a head and a "curvy" triangle for the bunny's body.

If you pay close attention, you can see that the left side of the triangle intersects with the diamond at its bottom point. This gives the bunny's neck a foundation and doesn't make his head look like it's balancing on the tip of the body.

Ears and Feet

Draw the Easter Bunny's ears and feet
Draw the Easter Bunny's ears and feet.

Shawn Encarnacion

Give your bunny some big ears and feet. That's what makes him look like a rabbit, right?

The ears are just long ovals attached to the top of his head. The feet are triangles with the top corners rounded smoothly.

Fluffy Tail and Arms

Draw an Easter Bunny Cartoon - step 3, draw the bunny's tail
Add a fluffy tail.

Shawn Encarnacion

The Easter Bunny's tail has to look fluffy. Starting halfway up the right side of his body, draw three curved lines.

His arms aren't very long but are just curved lines. Make sure that the back arm connects directly to his body line and that his front arm is in front of the body line (you will need to do some erasing here).

For now, we'll put a square where his left hand will be and a funny curved shape for his right hand. You'll see in a bit how these shape up.

Add Detail

Easter Bunny drawing - adding detail
Adding some important details.

Shawn Encarnacion

It's time for some important details, all of which are simply curved lines.

  • In his ears, draw a long line with two curves at the bottom.
  • His hair is made of three very skinny curves between the ears.
  • A curved line on each foot will add some toes.
  • A lightning bolt on his chest will give him some more fur.
  • In the square hand, use ovals to create his thumb and fingers. It should look like he's gripping something (which he will be).


Draw an Easter Bunny - drawing the easter egg
Give the bunny an Easter Egg.

Shawn Encarnacion

Add another detail — a little circle for his belly button. Next, add a big oval for his Easter egg in the outstretched hand and give him his paintbrush in the gripping hand closest to you.


Using guidelines to help draw the Easter Bunny's face
Using guidelines to help draw the Easter Bunny's face.

Shawn Encarnacion

Now we're going to draw the Easter Bunny's face. Notice the light guidelines going through the center of his face. This helps put his facial features in the right places.

Two pairs of ovals make the eyes and pupils. Take note that his right eye (on our left) sits on the intersection of those center guidelines. His left eye (our right) rests on the horizontal guideline. This helps make his face appear to be three dimensional.

Add two little-curved triangles to make his eyebrows.


Draw the Cartoon Easter Bunny's Smile
Draw the cartoon Easter Bunny's smile.

Shawn Encarnacion

On the left and right sides of his head, and two curves to give him whiskers. Next, draw an oval for his nose slightly to the left of the center lines' intersection. 

The squiggle drawing off to the right of the bunny lets you clearly see the shape that will become his mouth and nose. This also forms the top part of his smile.

  • On the right, the line has two large curves.
  • On the left, one curve.
  • The curves go past the center line, and that helps his smile look happy.

Completing the Expression

Completing the Cartoon Easter Bunny's Expression
completing the Easter Bunny's expression with a few more lines.

Shawn Encarnacion

Three curved lines make the rest of his mouth. You can see a detail of this on the right of the bunny.

  • The first curve is his teeth, which is a long curve.
  • His mouth is another curve, connecting from his teeth to the top of his smile.
  • The third curve is the lower lip, which goes over the bottom corner of his head.
  • Draw another curve inside his mouth for a tongue.

Finish With an Outline

Outline the Easter Bunny - Finish the Cartoon Easter Bunny with an Outline
finishing the Easter Bunny drawing with an outline.

Shawn Encarnacion

The last step is to add a dark outline around the outside of our Easter Bunny character to help him stand out better.

Keep the details like his facial expressions thin. Also, use thin lines to give the paint brush some bristles and to style your Easter egg with whatever pattern you like (it's best to keep it simple).

The Easter Bunny in Full Color

A color Easter Bunny and Egg ready to print
add some color to your easter bunny.

Shawn Encarnacion

Finally, color your Easter Bunny in. You can pick any colors you like because the Easter Bunny can be blue, pink, purple, or whatever you imagine him to be.

Play off this main color with a darker shade for his nose and inside his mouth. A magenta is good for this bunny's tongue and his bright blue eyes really stand out.

The Easter egg and paint brush can also be any colors you wish them to be. 

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