Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Cheats

Unlockables, glitches, and cheats for DBZ Buu's Fury on GBA

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury is the third game in the Legend of Goku trilogy for the Game Boy Advance. In addition to dozens of collectibles, DBZ: Buu's Fury has cheats and glitches that make it easier to earn the title of Eternal Dragon.

These cheats are for the RPG action game Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury for Game Boy Advance (GBA), not to be confused with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai for PlayStation 2.

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Cheat Code for Perfect Fusions

When you perform the Fusion Dance with Goku/Vegeta or Goten/Trunks, ignore the button prompts and enter the following to always get a perfect fusion: Up, B, Left, Down, A.

Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury for GBA title screen

 Toei Animation / Nintendo

How to Duplicate Equipment in DBZ: Buu's Fury

There's a glitch you can exploit to temporarily duplicate equipment:

  1. Equip Goku and Goten or Vegeta and Trunks with the items you wish to duplicate.

  2. Perform the Fusion Dance to create Gogeta or Gotenks.

  3. Remove the equipment from Gogeta/Gotenks and give it to another character.

  4. Gogeta/Gotenks will keep the equipment, so you'll have two sets until the fusion timer runs out.

How to Get 255 Senzu Beans

There's a glitch that gives you 255 Senzu Beans. When Gohan asks Goku to bring him a Senzu Bean during the World Tournament Saga:

  1. Fly to Korin's Tower.

  2. Retrieve the bean from Yajirobe, then eat it.

  3. Go back and talk to Gohan.

  4. Check your inventory to find a stash of 255 Senzu beans.

How to Find the Hidden Store on Planet Kai

There's a store on the Kai's planet that sells powerful armor and items to help you level up. To find it, visit the Kai's planet after defeating Buu, then go to the right-most map and breakthrough a crack in the wall.

Hercule Museum Exhibit Unlockables

These unlockables will appear at the Hercule Cafe in Hercule City after you collect them.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Air Hercule Shoes Run around the Orange Star High School track three times in less than 15 seconds.
Boxing Gloves Search behind a tree with blue fruit in the forest.
Collector's Plate Beat the boss on your second visit to the airship.
Diploma Give a Dino Tail to the man in the Thieves' Den lighthouse.
Hercule Action Figure Give the Hercule-Ade to the man in the Thieves' Den lighthouse.
Hercule Cereal Purchase from Papaya Island gift shop.
Hercule Collectible Card Game Purchase from Papaya Island gift shop.
Hercule Comic Book Issue #1 Purchase from the West City Z-Mart after beating Kid Buu.
Hercule: The Movie Find in a chest in Hercule's Mansion in Hercule City.
Hit Pop Single Give Turkey to the man in the Thieves' Den lighthouse.
Key to West City Give an Elixir to the man in the Thieves' Den lighthouse.
Piiza Action Figure Give a Root Beer to the man in the Thieves' Den lighthouse.
Pirozhki Action Figure Find in a chest behind Totenhotep's chamber in the Kyodai Pyramid.
Caroni Action Figure Return to the mountain where you fought Broly, cross the bridge, and break the rocks in the top-right area.
Punching Bag Use Goku's Instant Transmission technique to open the chest on the rooftop in the Thieves' Den.
Video Game Give a Super Elixir to the man in the Thieves' Den lighthouse.
Weight Set Give the sixth bandana to the Ninja in Fukurou forest.
Cape Give the fifth bandana to the Ninja in Fukurou forest.
Championship Belt Give the fourth bandana to the Ninja in Fukurou forest.
Autobiography Give the third bandana to the Ninja in Fukurou forest.
Mustache Wax Give the second bandana to the Ninja in Fukurou forest.
Sandwich Give the first bandana to the Ninja in Fukurou forest.
Hair Care Products Give the man by the dumpster in West City a steak.
Smoke and Mirrors Use Goku's Instant Transmission to open the chest in the top-left section of West City.
Warlords Sword Go downstairs after beating the ninja boss and defeat the samurais.

Z Fighters Exhibit Unlockables

The following unlockables appear in the Capsule Corp. museum.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Android #20's Hat Return to the train after defeating Kid Buu, then defeat the enemies where the passengers usually are.
Baba's Crystal Ball Talk to Baba in Yenma's office after beating Kid Buu. 
Broly's Crown Defeat Broly at the volcano.
Ginyu's Capsule Talk to a scientist in the main building of Capsule Corp.
Gohan's Training Sword Find in the toy box at Goku's house.
Goku's Power Pole Use instant transmission to open the chest in the upper-right corner of where Babadi's ship was.
Grand Kai's Boombox Speak to Grand Kai after beating Kid Buu.
King Kai's Hammer Talk to Bubbles in the Cave of the Ancients on the Kai's planet after defeating Kid Buu.
King Yemma's Mug Open the level 145 door with Goten in Pilaf's Castle, and then defeat the enemies where you found the Dragon Ball.
Korin's Cane Give Korin red snapper fishes.
Mr. Popo's Turban Find the invisible chest between the four trees near Kami's Lookout.
Ox King's Helment Talk to Ox King in Goku's house after beating the game.
The Bansho Fan Break the rocks behind the level 140 Gohan door in the forest by Goku's house.
Yajirobe's Sword Walk around Yajirobe counter-clockwise three times, then go to the Southwest forest.
Yamcha's Bat Destroy the boulder south of the Save Circle in Diablo Desert.

Extra Experience Points Trick

If one of your weaker characters needs some extra experience, lure an enemy near a save point as a stronger character. Stand on the save point and defeat the enemy, then immediately switch to the weaker character so they earn the experience points.

Equipping weights on your hands and feet will grant you extra experience from battle at the expense of your speed.

How to Level up Quickly

Once you get to the end of the game, the best spot for leveling is the airship after you beat Majin Buu. Here, you can encounter the Shadow Colossus, which drops a large amount of experience points. Purchase the Kiloton Armbands and Kiloton Boots from the shop on Planet Kai to maximize your gains.

You can also fight the Shadow Colossus in the Barren Wastelands after beating Kid Buu.

How to Play as Gogeta

To unlock Gogeta as a playable character, collect every Z-Fighter Exhibit and Hercule Exhibit.

How to Fly Around as Super Saiyan

There is a glitch that allows you to fly around as Super Saiyan on the world map:

  1. Enter Kami's tower and go down the staircase to the right.

  2. Go through the center door to get to the room where Goten and Trunks wake up after you fuse Gotenks for the first time.

  3. Transform into Super Saiyan, then approach the window and press A.

  4. You will remain Super Saiyan indefinitely.

    This trick can cause other game-breaking glitches, so save your progress before attempting.

    How to Access the Thieves' Den

    Wear a bandana to enter the Thieves' Den. You can get one by fighting enemies on the airship.

    How to Travel Between Worlds

    When you beat Buu in Chapter 11, a portal will open in Kami's Lookout that will let you go back to previous areas.

    How to Get the Armor of Darkness and Z Suit

    After beating the game, go to Southwest Forest and take the path that leads to the level 120 Vegeta Door. The Majin Fighters that come out of the door will randomly drop the Z Suit, so fight them until you get it. Continue down the path to find the Armor Of Darkness in a chest.

    How to Get the Eternal Dragon Rank

    After the end credits, you'll receive a rank based on your character's levels. Get every character to level 200 to earn the highest rank, Eternal Dragon.