Dr Mario World: Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs

Everything you need to save the Mushroom Kingdom

Dr Mario World is a modern reinterpretation of the classic Dr Mario puzzle video game designed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

While the basic premise of defeating viruses by lining up colored capsules remains the same as the Nintendo Entertainment System original, the actual gameplay has changed somewhat; a plethora of new unlockable playable characters and special items have been added, in addition to two Dr Mario World online multiplayer modes.

How to Play Dr Mario World on iOS and Android

In the 1990 version of Dr Mario, colored capsules would drop from the top of the screen and you'd have to move them with the D-pad on the NES controller to land on viruses with the matching color. If two red capsule pieces landed on a red virus, the virus would disappear and the same strategy would work for the blue and yellow viruses as well.

The original Dr Mario video game is available to play on the Nintendo Switch console as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service.

In Dr Mario World on Android and iOS, the capsules actually float up from the bottom of the screen and can be moved fairly freely by touching and dragging them with your finger. While you can’t move them down, you can drag them left and right as many times as you like and can also push them to the top faster to speed up gameplay.

Unlike the original game, which only let you move the initial capsule, Dr Mario World also lets you move the leftover capsule parts that remain after a virus is defeated. This added functionality makes clearing a screen of viruses much faster.

Dr Mario World video game on the iPhone.

While Dr Mario featured a series of increasingly difficult levels one after another, Dr Mario World visualizes progress through the use of a world map, which must be progressed through. This map is similar to the one used in the traditional Super Mario Bros., but each level is a different Dr Mario puzzle instead of a 2D platforming adventure.

Dr Mario World level map.

Despite the improved visuals and design, Dr Mario World has no story or plot to speak of.

The biggest change to the classic Dr Mario gameplay is the addition of items that can be selected before a stage starts and activated within the play field during a game to help clear items or increase your score.

Items being used in the Dr Mario World video game on iOS and Android.

Here are the Dr Mario World Stage Select items which can be selected before a level begins:

Item Ability Cost
Capsule+ Adds 5 Capsules 10 Diamonds
Skill Up Fills the skill meter at the beginning of a stage 10 Diamonds
Score+ Boosts score by 10% 10 Diamonds
Random! Selects a random Stage Select Item 200 Coins

Each Stage Select item has a cost associated with it. Some are free, while others cost coins or diamonds.

Here are the Dr Mario World Stage items that can be used during gameplay:

Item Ability
Rainbow Capsule Can match with any other capsule color
Shells Will destroy all viruses on a row once hit
Skill Filler Boosts a doctor's skill when cleared
Exploder Destroys nearby viruses and objects when cleared
Rainbow Skill Filler Boosts a doctor's skill when cleared
Hammer Can destroy any object within the stage area
Blaster Destroys lots of capsules

Dr Mario Gifts and Hearts

One of the more frustrating elements of Dr Mario World is its hearts feature, which limits how many levels you can play per day. Every time you play a stage in the single-player mode, one heart is used up. Since you can only have five hearts at a time, which are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, this significantly restricts how much you can play.

Fortunately, the hearts regenerate at a rate of one every 30 minutes and you can also receive hearts from friends in the form of gifts. Conversely, you can gift your friends hearts, as well as get a free gift from the Shop tab once a day. This free gift can contains items, diamonds, or hearts.

Hearts can also be purchased with the in-game diamond currency, which itself is purchased with real-world money via a microtransaction. Five hearts can be purchased for 10 diamonds, while 30 diamonds will activate unlimited hearts for 60 minutes.

How Dr Mario World Events Work

Dr Mario World frequently holds special limited time events. These events usually task the player with defeating a certain number of viruses within the regular single-player game mode and rewards you with a variety of coins or items when you reach certain milestones.

Dr Mario World events are completely free for all players to participate in and don’t require any special action to activate. Events typically run automatically in the background and it’s possible to even unlock event rewards through regular gameplay without even knowing an event is live.

How to Unlock and Play Dr Mario World’s Versus Mode

Dr Mario World features online multiplayer modes for matches against friends and random players, but both modes remain locked until you complete Level 20.

Dr Mario World Versus mode.

This requirement is primarily in place to make sure you fully understand all of the gameplay elements of Dr Mario World before competing against other players.

While this requirement can be frustrating, the first 20 levels of Dr Mario World are incredibly easy and can be quickly completed within 30 minutes.

Once Level 20 is finished, the Versus icon in the lower-right corner of the screen will activate and can be tapped to navigate to the Versus menu. The Vs Friends mode is for online matches against friends you’ve added to your friends list, while the Versus mode is for matches against complete strangers.

While Dr Mario World is a Nintendo game and requires a Nintendo account, you do not need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play its online modes.

Dr Mario World Versus matches work the same as the regular games in the single-player levels, but when you defeat viruses, they’re sent to the top of your opponent’s game in the form of blocks that shrink their play area, similar to Tetris 99. These blocks make it harder for you and your opponent to move capsules and if the bottom row of your screen ever gets blocked, you’ll lose the match.

How to Unlock Dr Mario World Versus Tiers

As you win more Versus matches in Dr Mario World, you’ll earn points which will automatically unlock level tiers as specific goals are met.

In addition to having your current tier displayed on your profile card for others to see, unlocking a tier will also give you some in-game rewards. Your tier level can be viewed on the Versus screen just above your current doctor character. Tap on the tier flag to reveal details on all higher tiers and their requirements.

Dr Mario World tiers.

Here’s the requirements and rewards for each Dr Mario World tier:

Tier Battle Points Required Rewards
Tier 1 0 Battle Points 20 Coins, 1 Item
Tier 2 400 Battle Points 1025 Coins, 1 Item
Tier 3 800 Battle Points 3030 Coins, 1 Item
Tier 4 1,200 Battle Points 35 Coins, 1 Item, and 1 Ticket
Tier 5 16,000 Battle Points 40 Coins, 1 Item, and 1 Ticket