Overview of Dooney & Bourke Factory Outlets

You can turn to Dooney & Bourke outlet stores for deep savings

Dooney & Bourke bag
Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Dooney & Bourke outlet locations are scarce, but finding one can be well worth the wait. Currently, there are 19 Dooney & Bourke Factory Stores located in 11 states. The factory stores carry a full inventory of Dooney & Bourke merchandise, including handbags, wallets, and accessories. Prices average from 20- to 40-percent off the retail prices.

Unlike Coach Outlets that carry only "made-for-outlet" products, Dooney & Bourke Factory Stores sell a lot of high-quality merchandise that has been discontinued because of the style or color, items from previous seasons or items that have slight imperfections and have been identified as irregulars.

Slight Imperfections and Irregulars

Most imperfections are barely noticeable and, other than the flaw, it is the same merchandise that you will find at the Dooney & Bourke retail stores and in department stores. Dooney & Bourke is excellent about identifying the products with defects and adjusting the prices downward based on how badly an item is flawed. For deal hunters, finding a slightly damaged item can result in significant savings.

Sometimes shoppers may discover a flawed item that does not have the identifying tag on it or a significant price adjustment. If this happens, the store management will usually make a manual price adjustment.

Dooney & Bourke Outlets, Coupons, and Sales

Throughout the year, Dooney & Bourke coupons and specials can be found listed on the coupon and sale sections on the outlet malls' websites or in the coupon booklets that can be found at the outlet mall information centers. This is particularly true during peak selling seasons, such as Mother's Day and Black Friday through Thanksgiving weekend. 

It is not unusual to receive a coupon from an employee when you walk into a Dooney & Burke Factory Store. Take time to read the small print on the coupons. Different merchandise collections may be discounted at different percentages.

Limits on Purchases and Return Policies

Dooney & Bourke reserves the right to limit how many items can be purchased at the factory stores by the same customer within a year's time. The controls are in place to discourage resale activity on deeply discounted goods. The factory store policy can be found near the return policy on the receipt.

Returning merchandise at the Dooney & Bourke Factory stores can be tricky. It depends on the individual items that were purchased. Many of the items are considered "final sales" and cannot be returned. Always ask before you buy, and it is always a good idea to have a manager sign the receipt if they say the item can be returned.