DOOM Cheats and Codes for PlayStation

X-ray vision, God mode, and more cheats for the PS1

Doom 4 Video Game screenshot

DOOM for PlayStation is a compilation of two games originally released for PC: DOOM Ultimate and DOOM II. Like the original titles, the PS version of DOOM has cheat codes that let you skip levels, become invincible, and see through walls, among other god-like feats.

These cheats are exclusive to the PlayStation version of DOOM. There are separate cheats for DOOM on PC.

DOOM Cheat Codes for PS1

Pause the game, and input the following button commands to activate cheats.

Cheat Code
God Mode (Invincibility) Down, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, Circle
Level Select Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, X
Unlock All Keys and Weapons With Full Ammo X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, Left
Reveal Map Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Square
Reveal Item Locations on Map Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Circle
X-Ray Vision L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Right

DOOM for PS1 Level Passwords

In addition to the level select code, there are passwords that let you begin each level with all weapons as well as maximum health, armor, and ammo.

Ultimate DOOM

Level Password
Plant CR!3WDD3DB
Toxin Refinery 3JJCMK8W64 
Command Control 03LTJ0Y!02
Phobos Lab H33!1HFTHK
Central Processing 04MSKZX9Z1
Computer Station YTTLCXXLXV 
Phobos Anomaly 09SMBY04YW
Diemos Anomaly 7KKBLD7V53
Containment Area FM4217GSGJ
Refinery H!!3WDGLDB
Deimos Lab 07QPDW26WY
Command Center WTXQ9C3W12
Halls of the Damned RBR4G!LDLN
Spawning Vats WTXQ9C3W11
Hell Gate 548C7DFWYX
Hell Keep JOC89DZPQS
Pandemonium JGB9CT0NRT
House of Pain 9QLTKR0!02
Unholy Cathedral 78M63QX921
Mt. Erebus S!61FHVQJG
Limbo 33QHFTT6WY
Tower of Babel VBGQPJ!Y46
Hell Beneath ZYKTLW7V53
Perfect Hatred 0DJSM4HW64
Sever the Wicked LS5YPTCRKH
Unruly Evil ZDJSMVRW64
Unto the Cruel 1YKTX4QV53
Twilight Descends XKF6R8LZ97
Threshold of Pain DJX07Q4HTR


Level Password
Entryway C0W1!QNJQS
Underhalls VM!3V1D3DB
The Gantlet W394W2DMFC
The Focus ZQ58ZKJRKH
The Waste Tunnels Z758ZKJ8KH
The Crusher 5C2V3DQBNL
Dead Simple NCKBLX7V53
Tricks and Traps 1Q580FCRKH
Refueling Base WS58ZKCRKH
O of Destruction! CSNRG2W820
The Factory WT670JBQJG
The Inmost Dens DQLTJ1Y!02
The Suburbs 2N94VFFMFC
Tenements CQLTJ0Y!02
The Courtyard WR492GDSGJ
The Citadel PFFGXH3777
Nirvana JWCJV2X479
The Catacombs CJJTM35964
Barrels of Fun M!T174XZXV
Bloodfalls 5770MX2CDF
The Abandoned Mines YJLW3PPCPM
Monster Condo DKKBLM58J3
Redemption Denied 7L3!266DJK

Bonus Levels

Level Password
Fortress of Mystery BBBBBBB666
The Military Base 3P67ZNBQJG
The Marshes JCGDNFL555
The Mansion BXXBXXB778
Club Doom JCGDNFL556