Doom 3 PC Cheat Codes Guide

Enable God Mode, spawn characters, and more

Doom 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software. It came out on Windows PC in 2004. In the game, you're an anonymous space marine fighting a demonic invasion on Mars after scientific experiments accidentally open a portal to Hell. Tackling the hellish invaders won't be easy, so here's a list of cheat codes to help you out.

Doom 3 game.
id Software

This guide is specifically for Doom 3 on Windows PC.

How to Use Doom 3 Cheat Codes

To use the following cheats during the single-player game, press and hold the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+~ (tilde) to display the developer console. Then, enter each cheat and close the console with the same keyboard shortcut.

General Doom 3 Cheats

Cheat Code Effect
god Enable God Mode.
give all All weapons, full health, and full armor.
noclip Walk through walls.
give keys Get all the keys.
give weapon_bfg Acquire the BFG.
give weapon_chaingun Acquire the chaingun.
give weapon_chainsaw Acquire the chainsaw.
give weapon_rocketlauncher Acquire the rocket launcher.
give weapon_plasmagun Acquire the plasma gun.
give weapon_machinegun Acquire the machinegun.
kill Commit suicide.
doomhell Skip to the last level.
Notarget You're invisible to most enemies.
killmonsters Kill all monsters.

Doom 3 Level Skip Codes

Cheat Code Level
map game/alphalabs1 Alpha Labs 1
map game/alphalabs2 Alpha Labs 2
map game/alphalabs3 Alpha Labs 3
map game/alphalabs4 Alpha Labs 4
map game/caverns1 Caverns 1
map game/caverns2 Caverns 2
map game/comm1 Comm 1
map game/commoutside Comm Outside
map game/cpu CPU
map game/cpuboss CPU Boss
map game/delta1 Delta 1
map game/delta2 Delta 2
map game/delta3 Delta 3
map game/delta4 Delta 4
map game/delta5 Delta 5
map game/enpro Enpro
map game/hell1 Hell 1
map game/hellhole Hellhole
map game/mars_city1 Mars City 1
map game/mars_city2 Mars City 2
map game/admin Mars City Administration
map game/mc_underground MC Underground
map game/monorail Monorail
map game/mp/d3dm1 Multiplayer Map 1
map game/mp/d3dm2 Multiplayer Map 2
map game/mp/d3dm3 Multiplayer Map 3
map game/mp/d3dm4 Multiplayer Map 4
map game/mp/d3dm5 Multiplayer Map 5
map game/pdas PDAs
map game/recycling1 Recycling 1
map game/recycling2 Recycling 2
map game/site3 Site 3

Doom 3 Ammo Cheats

Cheat Code Effect
give ammo_belt_small Acquire ammo for Chaingun.
give ammo_bfg_small Acquire ammo for BFG 9000.
give ammo_clip_small Acquire ammo for Machine Gun.
give ammo_cells_small Acquire ammo for Plasma Rifle.
give ammo_bullets_small Acquire ammo for Pistol.
give ammo_rockets_small Acquire ammo for Rocket Launcher.
give ammo_shells_small Acquire ammo for Shotgun.
give ammo_clip_large Acquire large ammo for Machine Gun.
give ammo_grenage_small Acquire Hand Grenades.
give ammo_clip_large Acquire large ammo for Machine Gun.
give ammo_bullets_large Acquire large ammo for Pistol.
give ammo_shells_large Acquire large ammo for Shotgun.
give ammo_cells_large Acquire large ammo for Plasma Rifle.
give ammo_rockets_large Acquire large ammo for Rocket Launcher.

Doom 3 Spawn Character Cheats

Cheat Code Character
spawn monster_zombie_bernie Flaming Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_sawyer Chainsaw Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_zsec_machinegun Z-Sec Zombie With Machinegun
spawn monster_zombie_zsec_pistol Z-Sec Zombie With Pistol
spawn monster_zombie_zsec_shield Z-Sec Zombie With Shield
spawn monster_zombie_zsec_shotgun Z-Sec Zombie With Shotgun
spawn monster_zombie_commando Commando Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_commando_cgun Commando Zombie With Chaingun
spawn monster_zombie_fat2 Fat Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_fat_wrench Fat Zombie With Spanner
spawn monster_zombie_maint_bald Bald Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_maint_nojaw Zombie With No Jaw
spawn monster_zombie_maint_wrench Zombie With Spanner
spawn monster_zombie_maint_skinny Skinny Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_maint Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_maint2 Zombie (Alternate)
spawn monster_zombie_maint_flashlight Zombie With a Torch
spawn monster_zombie_suit_neckstump Headless Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth Bloody Mouth Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_suit_skinny Skinny Zombie in a Suit
spawn monster_zombie_labcoat Zombie in a Lab Coat
spawn monster_zombie_limb Zombie With a Missing Limb
spawn monster_zombie_skinny Skinny Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_pipe Zombie With a Pipe
spawn monster_zombie_tshirt_bald Zombie in a T-Shirt
spawn monster_zombie_jumpsuit Zombie in a Tracksuit
spawn monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating Hungry Zombie
spawn monster_demon_archvile Archvile
spawn monster_demon_cherub Cherub
spawn monster_demon_hellknight Hellknight
spawn monster_demon_imp Imp
spawn monster_demon_maggot Maggot
spawn monster_demon_mancubus Mancubus
spawn monster_demon_pinky Pinky
spawn monster_demon_revenant Revenant
spawn monster_demon_tick Tick
spawn monster_demon_trite Trite
spawn monster_demon_wraith Wraith
spawn monster_boss_cyberdemon Cyberdemon
spawn monster_boss_guardian Guardian
spawn monster_boss_guardian_seeker Guardian's Seeker
spawn monster_boss_sabaoth Sabaoth
spawn monster_boss_vagary Vagary

Locker and Door Keypad Codes

Locker Code
Maintenance, Mars City 396
Monorail Access, Recycling 2 483
EPD Lab, Alpha Labs 1 752
Alpha Labs Hall, Admin 586
Infirmary, Mars City 347
Energy Stabilization, Mars City Underground 531
MFS Compressor, Alpha Labs 2 409
Coolant Control Junction, Alpha Labs 2 102
Haz-Mat Lift, Alpha Labs 3 123
Coolant Monitoring, Alpha Labs 3 123
EFR Staging Room 1B, Alpha Labs 3 123
Security Office, Communications 246
Site 2 Boarding Platform, Monorail 142
Power Core Access, EnPro Plant 972
EFR Master Valve, Alpha Labs 4 651
Delta Security ChkPoint, Monorail 364
Delta Security ChkPoint, Monorail 364
Maintenance Hall, Delta Labs Level 2B 259
Delta 4 Security, Delta Labs Level 4 579
Records Office, Delta 2A 538
Operations Server Room, Delta 2A 715
Delta Security, Delta 2A 972
Specimen Research Lab, Delta 2B 624
Stasis Transfer Control, Delta 2B 371
Storage Room 21-D, Delta 1 298
Terminal Office Storage, Delta 4 841
T1 Access, Delta 3 836
Entrance ChkPoint, CPU Complex 571
Analysis Control, Delta 2B 572
Lab A Upper Floors, CPU Complex 468
North Hallway, Admin 0508
Secure Storage, Delta 2B 0508
Marine Command, Mars City 2 584
Maintenance, EnPro Plant 734