Doom II PC Cheat Codes Guide

Secret levels and console commands for Doom 2 on PC

Doom II FPS gun and demon

Doom for MS-DOS is one of the most popular first-person shooter games of all time, and its sequel picks up right where it left off. Use these Doom II cheats and console commands to help you combat the minions of Hell.

These cheats are only available for the PC version of Doom II: Hell Earth. All original Doom cheats for PC also work for Doom II.

Doom 2 Cheat Codes for PC

Unlike most PC games, you don't have to do anything special to enable cheat codes or bring up the command console. You can simply enter these commands at any time during gameplay and the cheat will take effect immediately.

These cheats codes are not case sensitive. Most cheats cannot be used while playing on Nightmare difficulty.

Cheat Code Effect
IDFA Get all weapons, ammo, and mega armor.
IDKFA Get all weapons, ammo, mega armor, and all keys.
IDBEHOLDS Spawn a Berserk powerup.
IDBEHOLDI Spawn an Invisibility powerup.
IDBEHOLDV Spawn an Invulnerability powerup.
IDBEHOLDL Spawn Light Amp Goggles.
IDBEHOLDR Spawn a Radiation Suit.
IDBEHOLDA Show computer area map.
IDDT Show the entire map (must be in automap mode; enter twice to reveal all items, monsters, etc).
IDMUSxx Choose a BGM track (replace xx with a number 01-32).
IDDQD Enable God Mode (permanent invincibility to most damage).
FHSHH Enemies ignore you until you attack.
IDCLIP Enable no clipping mode (walk through objects).
IDCHOPPERS Replace your fists with chainsaws.
IDMYPOS Show your position in code.
IDCLEVxx Warp to the specified level (replace xx with a number 01-30).
IDCLEV31 Unlock the first secret level.
IDCLEV32 Unlock the second secret level.

How to Unlock the Secret Levels in Doom 2

There are two secret levels in Doom II for PC that are based on the classic FPS game Wolfenstein 3D.

How to Get to Level 31

To access the first secret level without using the level warp cheat, you must find the secret exit in Level 15: Industrial Zone.

  1. Activate the switch in the southern part of the lava lake.

  2. Go to a newly opened area on the east side of the map and pick up the invulnerability powerup.

  3. Run to the nearby teleporter in the lava on the southwest side of the diamond building.

  4. After teleporting, run up the stairs and fall off the ledge, then go through the door and follow the lava river.

  5. Take the branching path on the left side to find the secret exit.

    The secret path will be inaccessible if the invulnerability powerup is no longer active.

How to Get to Level 32

The entrance to the second secret level is hidden in the first secret level:

  1. Enter the last room of the level (with the 12 SS guards and an elevator) and immediately turn right.

  2. Interact with the wall near the southeast corner of the room to activate an invisible panel and open a secret door.

  3. Go forward and turn right, then interact with the wall to activate another secret panel, which reveals another path that leads to the secret exit.

Doom 2 Easter Egg

There's an Easter egg hidden near the very end of the game that's very easy to miss. In the last level, use the IDCLIP cheat and walk through the final boss to enter a hallway where you'll find the disembodied head of the game's director, John Romero. Shoot his head to beat the game.