Stop Wasting Your Money On These Skincare Products

Lechatnoir/Getty Images 

It can be confusing to know which skin care products you absolutely need and which ones are just a bunch of marketing hype. In addition, are there skin care ingredients that are a true waste of your money? Knowing what to buy and what to skip can be hard. Find out here which skin care products and skin care ingredients are best to just leave on the shelf.

Cellulite Creams

One of the more frustrating skin care issues almost everyone faces is cellulite. Cellulite can be quite unsightly and it affects people, mostly women, of all ages and sizes. It's very tempting to believe the claims that many creams make, that just by rubbing some on your thighs you can have less cellulite and look better. Unfortunately, cellulite creams do not work. Yes, there are some creams that will temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite but no cream will get rid of cellulite. If cellulite is a real concern for you see a doctor for a solution instead of investing your money in creams.

Anti-Aging Creams With Stem Cells

It's tempting to want to try the newest and latest anti-aging creams on the market that claim to have the best anti-aging ingredients. One anti-aging ingredient you might see advertised is stem cells. There is no scientific proof that when stem cells are applied to the skin that they have any anti-aging affect at all. This is definitely a skin care ingredient that you need to stay away from. Most stem cells in skin care products are from plants such as apples. Apple stem cells have no anti-aging affect on our skin since stem cells actually need to be alive in order to help our skin and when they are in a cream stem cells are already very dead. In addition, plant stem cells cannot penetrate into our skin in order to have any anti-aging power, instead they just sit on the surface of our skin. So the next time you see an ad touting the miraculous powers of stem cells in an anti-aging cream keep on walking and don't fall for the hype.

Pore Strips

Yes, there is a lot of satisfaction from peeling a pore strip off your nose and seeing all the junk on it. But pore strips can be very irritating to the skin and ultimately only lift a portion of the blackhead out of your pore while still leaving clogged pores behind. Also making your own pore strips from gelatin or glue is just as bad as using the store bought kind. If blackheads really bother you than you need to use a product with salicylic acid in it in order to dissolve the dead skin cells and oil that is trapped in your pores. Or see an esthetician for a facial so she can manually remove your blackheads. The weekly application of a clay mask will also absorb excess oil so that it does not get trapped in your pores.

Products That Are a Maybe

There are two common skin care products that appear on many lists of skin care and beauty products that are a waste of money- toner and eye cream. But in the case of these two products it isn't so cut and dry if they are good or bad for your skin. Yes, toners were invented in order to remove soap that was left on your skin after washing it and to restore your skin's pH after cleansing. But that is no longer needed because today's facial cleansers thoroughly wash off our face after cleansing and do not change the pH of our skin. If you use a toner today you need to be using it for other reasons such as adding much needed hydration back into the skin, gentle exfoliation, or to soothe irritated skin. 

Eye creams are also quite controversial with a lot of people telling you that you really don't need one. But if you have a skin care issue just in your eye area, such as crow's feet, puffy under eyes, or dark circles, then you probably do want to use an eye cream. If not- you don't need to buy this product. Instead use your regular moisturizer in your eye area.