Don't Go Natural If...

5 reasons natural hair might not be for you

Although having chemical-free hair is an extremely healthy way to wear it, the fact is that not everyone is jumping on the natural bandwagon. Some women may as well wear a shirt that proudly proclaims "Relaxer or Bust" or "Go Straight or Go Home!" If you're part of the natural crowd, congratulations! You're probably enjoying a great deal of freedom on rainy days and when working out. Don't feel bad if you can't convince each of your friends to make the change, however, as some people should not return to their natural roots. At least, not right now.

Don't go natural if...

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You Want to "Control" Your Hair

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Once you have a few inches of new growth, you may be surprised by what you find. A lot of women aren't familiar with their natural texture since they may only remember what their hair was like as a very young child, pre-relaxer years. It's likely that your texture changed after puberty, so those soft and loose waves that show up in that second grade class picture are long gone. There's nothing wrong with your texture as is, whether it's loose, tightly coiled or a mixture of different types. As long as you let your hair take the lead, you'll be fine.

However, if you think you have the upper hand on nature, going natural isn't for you. Some days, your hair may be extra frizzy; other times, volume may be lacking. When returning to your natural hair, it's best to adopt a more easy-going attitude instead of constantly trying to beat your mane into submission.

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You're Only Into the Latest Fads

Natural hair isn't exactly a trend. After all, how is wearing your hair the way it grows from your scalp any kind of fad? Some women view it that way, though, which is their main (or only) reason for wanting to sport natural locks. They want to wear what's hot right now and if natural tresses fill that role, then they'll wear it. Next year, it might be platinum blonde locs or a bald head. It's great if you sport a big ole 'fro because it's all the rage this season, but if hair is only an accessory for you, then taking pride in your hair may not be as big of a deal as simply making a fashion statement. It's perfectly fine to ride a bandwagon for a short amount of time, but women who are committed to their texture and the pride they feel in it may not appreciate the wannabe aspect.

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You Want to Wear Your Hair Straight Most of the Time

Some ladies are natural, but no one knows it. Why? Because they spend countless hours pressing, blow drying or flat ironing their hair. Now, if you choose to avoid chemicals because you're worried about damage, fine. But if you see your new growth, hate it and then spend the rest of your time being natural changing your texture through various means, what's the point? You haven't reached a level of acceptance. If you don't love your natural hair enough to let it shine on its own most of the time, maybe going natural isn't for you.

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Hair Health Isn't Your First Priority

Taking care of natural care can sometimes test even the most patient people. Short hair can be very low-maintenance, but longer tresses demand time and pampering for the healthiest results. If you don't want to take the time to gently cleanse, detangle or style your locks, either keep your hair cut extremely low or continue to straighten your hair.

Likewise, just because hair is chemical-free doesn't automatically make it healthy. Dryness and brittleness can result from lack of conditioning or too much protein. If you think natural hair doesn't need regular care, then rethink your decision to be natural.

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You Don't Know What You Want

Have you just ended a long-term relationship or had a big blowup with a cherished family member? You're upset, confused and don't know what to do with yourself. Reaching for those hair shears and cutting off lengths of relaxed hair seems like a good idea right about now.


One of the worst times to make a drastic decision about your appearance is when you feel unsure about things. Before doing anything permanent or long-term, take a few deep breaths. Call a good friend and chat (or rant) for a while; change your Facebook status to "single," but leave the shears in the bathroom. Feel free to call your stylist, but don't book an appointment for the next day. See what she has available in a week; by then, you may have changed your mind completely, after imagining what you'd look like with one inch of hair or with pink hair or with a weave.

On the other hand, if that ex was the one holding you back from doing the big chop all those years and you're finally free to do exactly what you've always wanted, then, by all means, take the plunge.