Gift Ideas for Your Tattoo Artist

Why You Should Give Your Tattooist a Present

Female tattoo artist with short hair
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If you're obsessed with getting tattoos, you're probably pretty chummy with your tattoo artist. After all, this person is responsible for creating body art that is meaningful to you—and that lasts forever. A small present to show your appreciation for their hard work and valuable skills can go a long way. Wondering what to gift your tattoo artist for Christmas or any other holiday? Here goes. 

Tattoo Artist Gift Ideas

Tattoo artists tend to be creative people, so they really can have a range of interests. If you're not able to get a good read on what your tattooist is into, a cash gift never goes out of style and would be appreciated by anyone.

Sometimes you want to give something more personal than cash but worth more than a greeting card. Here are some gifts ideas for every budget.

  • Art supplies: The gift of a sketchbook and some colored pencils is a no-brainer for a tattoo artist. This is likely to be useful in their job. Even if they have an established, preferred way of sketching up their work, they can still use this outside of the shop.
  • Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($16): From wearing powdery plastic gloves all day to washing their hands constantly, a tattoo artist can experience dryness in their hands. A high-quality hand moisturizer will fix that.
  • Movie tickets: Ticket prices are soaring, so a free movie date is always appreciated.
  • A bag of premium coffee: This one's for the artist who thrives on a cup of joe.
  • A box of premium tea: For those artists who prefer to avoid a caffeine buzz, tea is a safe bet.
  • A gift card to a local coffeeshop: Give them a little treat for their days off.
  • High-quality chocolates: A box of chocolates is simple and classic.
  • Homemade baked goods: If it turns out your artist doesn't have a sweet tooth, the rest of the artists in the shop will love you for this.
  • A photo album: Your artist can use this to display their work.
  • A massage gift certificate: Tattoo artists work hard and they can develop tension in their bodies. A massage would be a generous gift.
  • A nice pocket knife: A tactile tattoo artist might appreciate the practicality of a pocket knife.
  • A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera: This will let them photograph their work in an instant. Don't forget the film.
  • A small potted plant: A little plant can liven up their workspace. Avoid anything too big that can get in the way.
  • A pair of cozy socks: Whether your artist's style is classic or flashy, this is an easy, yet useful gift.
  • A coffeetable art book: Look for an art book that speaks to your artist's particular aesthetic.
  • A carnelian crystal ($24): This type of crystal is believed to inspire creativity.

Next time you go in for a new tattoo or a touch-up, your tattoo artist will definitely feel the love. A good relationship with them makes your tats even more special.