Donald Trump Cartoons

The 2016 presidential election was one of upset. Political outsider, businessman, and reality TV star Donald Trump first took the nomination for president from a wide field of Republican contenders and then defeated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college voting, though not the popular vote, to become the 45th president of the United States. 

The 18 months leading up to Election Day were full of controversy and political ire, reported in the media daily; here, political cartoonists from across the United States succinctly portrayed the happenings and their feelings (through humor) in the opinion pages of their newspapers. 

Cornerstone of Democracy

Democracy comic
Cagle Cartoons

As the 2016 election day approached, this cartoon was concerned that the election of real-estate developer Donald Trump would be a threat to the country's democracy and what the country stands for, as the cornerstone of Lady Liberty, who welcomes immigrants to our shores, is close to being toppled by his sledgehammer.  

Defending Liberty

Cagle Cartoons

This cartoon expresses concern by the Statue of Liberty that Trump is a threat to this country and should be held accountable for his predatory actions against women, hence the "stop Trump" sign residing down where he had bragged in a 2005 "Access Hollywood" interview of grabbing women under their dresses and probing their private parts, just because he could.

The Trump Tape We Need

"The Trump Tape we need..."
Cagle Cartoons

In 2016 during the election campaign, an "Access Hollywood" video surfaced from 2005 where Donald Trump talks explicitly and proudly about lewd actions he has perpetrated on women. This cartoon is a response to that tape surfacing. 

Trump Locker Room

Trump comic
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This cartoon portrays Trump as a locker room bully (in "Trump's America") beating an angry Uncle Sam with towels; the "vulgarity" one is in current use, with "lies" in Trump's other hand, ready to go. Other weapons to use against Uncle Sam are shown either at the ready or already have been used and are on the floor: "misogyny," "racism,"  "conspiracies," "bigotry," "hate," and "scams." 

Lock Her Up

Trump Putin cartoon
Cagle Cartoons

This cartoon dated October 11, 2016, has Russia's president Vladimir Putin complimenting Trump on his election bombast. It literally draws parallels with the strongarm, former KGB intelligence officer, who has jailed leaders of opposition movements in his country.   

Evangelical Trumper

Political comic
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This cartoon lampoons evangelicals who support Trump by showing their hypocrisy, stating that by supporting a candidate who has lived a life in the opposite manner of their purported values (in order to secure conservative Supreme Court nominees) is essentially making a deal with the devil.  

GOP Endorsement

Political comic
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Election campaign ads need to have a statement in them as to who is behind the message in them, and it's often at the end, with the candidate stating his or her name and "I approve this message." This political cartoon shows Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton approving of the widespread disdain of her client by his own party. 

Trump Excuses

Trump cartoon
Cagle Cartoons

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump offered multiple excuses to the media for his performance in a September 2016 debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, including some inaccuracies about the debate and follow-up polls as to how he had done during it. The cartoon also spears the issue of the tainted water coverup in Flint, Michigan.