Does Laser Hair Removal Work? What Happens When I Try It

Get the scoop in my Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig

If you want to know if laser hair removal works you should talk to someone who tried it. I did and wrote all about my experience with laser hair removal. Get the full diary here.

Part 1: Why I Threw Out My Razor & Opened Up My Pocketbook

A little over a month ago, I did it. I made the leap and tried laser hair removal. Before I tell you exactly what happened (trust me, I'd wished someone had told me before I did it), let me first tell you the top 3 reasons I hated every other form of hair removal I'd tried before.

Part 2: I Go for a Consultation, Do I Go Under the Laser?

As I mentioned in my last diary entry, shaving leaves me covered in bumps and razor burn and the hair grows back so fast a couple days later my legs feel like sandpaper (and not the fine grit kind). Waxing is reportedly more painful than childbirth (I can't vouch for the pain of childbirth, but can for the pain of waxing, which I've endured more than a dozen times).

After years of nightmare hair removal options, I finally decided to look into permanent hair removal options. I booked a consultation and this what happened.

Part 3: The Bikini Area's Going So Well, I Add in the Legs

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I did the bikini laser hair removal, now I opt for a full leg treatment. But does it work? The results weren't exactly what I was expecting.

Part 4: Never Again Will My Legs Remind People of Sandpaper

After a seven-month hiatus from laser hair removal, which had nothing to do with my feelings regarding hair removal, and everything to do with My Innate Laziness, I got myself back to Completely Bare for my fourth bout of bikini removal and my second try at the legs.

Part 5: Oh No, It's Spring & the Hair On My Legs Has Sprouted

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So far, it's been more than a year since I started laser hair removal. I've been getting the treatments in fits and starts because I started with the bikini, which was fast, and then added in the full legs, which takes more than 3 hours and requires that I keep all lasered bits out of the sun. (Read more...)

Part 6: Miraculously I Only Have to Shave Once a Week or So

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Last time I wrote in this laser hair removal diary, I was frustrated because suddenly the hair on my legs seemed to start growing again. After hours and hours of lying on the table at Completely Bare Spa in Manhattan and getting my full legs and bikini areas zapped by a laser, the results seemed to have faded away.

Then just as suddenly as the hair started to grow back quickly, it seemed to (read more...)

Part 7: Uh-Oh, Is That Hair Growing Back?

how to apply self tanner to legs. The Image Bank for Getty Images

It's been ages since I last wrote in this diary and readers are writing in asking me how it's going because they are seriously considering getting it done.

This is the short and sweet message I send people who email me about this diary: (Read more...)

Part 8: One Year Later, Am I Happy With the Results?

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When I last wrote about my experiences in Part 7, I wasn't thrilled with the results. Springtime came and the hair on my legs had sprung. It was almost like the old days where I had to shave every day. I was so disappointed that I avoided going for treatments and I stopped writing the diary.

It's been a year since my last diary entry. So what's happened in one year? (Read more to find out...)

Laser Hair Removal Facts: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

Credit: Athit Perawongmetha for Getty

I've tried laser hair removal on my legs and bikini to so-so success. But before you sign up for very costly laser hair removal treatments, you should read up on the facts to determine if laser hair removal really is for you. Find out who's a good candidate, how it works, what areas can be treated, how much it hurts, how much it costs and much more.