Do You REALLY Need More Friends?

How to Tell If You Need New Friendships

When do you know it's time to add to your social circle? The perfect number of friends is different for everyone, of course, but if you are wondering if you've got enough, that's already the first sign that you could use a few more. Don't feel bad if you desire more friends, because even people that have a best friend or several close pals might feel as if they need some people around. 

Here are some typical signs that you need more friends.

You Don't Have a Best Friend

Best Friends
Having a best friend can make you feel more connected to the rest of your pals. Digital Vision/Getty Images

Having one close friend isn't a requirement for happiness. But if you crave some closeness with your relationships, you might long for a best pal without even realizing it. Wanting a best friend doesn't mean you're lonely or that you lack friends. Rather, it simply means that you don't have one person that shares a deep emotional connection with you.

In order to find a new best friend, you'll first need to meet more people. The more folks you connect with, the better the chance you'll find one that you really hit it off with. But remember, every friendship needs a chance to progress at its own pace, and this is especially true for best friends.

You're Constantly Going to Events Alone

Alone and Unhappy. Tetra Images - Jamie Grill

Even if you have a lot of friends, there might be one or two things that you always have to go to by yourself because your friends just aren't into it. I found this out myself a few years ago when I wanted to attend some theater events. None of my pals liked going. What I finally did was join a theater interest group, and met other people who also enjoyed going to plays.

You can't expect your friends to be with you 24/7, so if you've been going to events solo, finding a few more people who also like to do the things you do is a good idea.

You Don't Have Enough Friends That You Can Count On

Friends at a dinner party
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You might have a lot of casual friends that are great when you want to go out, but when you really need someone there emotionally, they just don't cut it.

It doesn't mean that these people are bad for you necessarily, because there are different stages and levels of friendship, but it does mean you might need to strengthen your bond with some of your friends. If that's not possible, branch out! Making friends is easy, especially with these 50 ideas for meeting new people.

All Your Friends Are Married and No One Can Hang Out Anymore

Pregnant Bridesmaid
When all your friends are getting married, it can make you feel left out. Daniel Sheehan Photographers/Getty Images

When you're single, it's important to have other people around who understand exactly what your life is like. You might get to a point where all your friends are married while you remain single. It's more difficult to find people to go out or do things with in these cases, so finding a few more single friends can really help. 

You don't need to replace your married friends, but you do need people you can do things with. Friendships continually change as your lives change, but they don't need to end. Adding a few single pals to your life is only natural. 

Your Friends Are All Over the Country

Friends that have moved away. Image from Ambro /

I went through this weird time once where several of my friends picked up and moved to different parts of the country. I'm still friends with these folks, but I did need to get out and meet more people who lived closer to me after they left.

If your friends have moved away, make an effort to meet new people in your area. (Here's more about creating a new friendship in just five weeks.)